Movie Characters Who Can Teach You How To Play At Casinos

Players who aim to win know that for casino games like poker and blackjack you need to have something more than just knowledge of how the games are played. Professional poker players work as much on reading the opponents gesture and hiding their own feeling as they do on the actual technique of playing the game. So, where can we learn how to play properly at the casino?

Believe it or not, you can learn a lot from characters that appear in some of the best movies about casinos. The actors and actresses that play these characters spent months preparing for the role, which means that during the filming they become the professional casino players that we see on the screen. In this article, we’ll take a look at some iconic movie characters that can become your guiding star when it comes to playing at a casino like a pro. 

James Bond in Casino Royale

One of the best James Bond movies was the first one that starred Daniel Craig, which was released under the title Casino Royale in 2005. Fans of online gambling who like to visit real money casino sites usually know the Poker scene by heart. It is one of the most thrilling scenes in the movie in which James Bond plays against Le Chiffre a 10 million dollar game of Texas Hold’em. Craig’s incredible poker face and strategy are a must-see for every gambling fan. 

Alan in The Hangover 

From the very beginning of the movie, “The Hangover” hinted at the possible casino scene that we’ll remember for a long time. To start with, while travelling to Las Vegas we can see Alan reading a book about a possible strategy when playing a card game. Moreover, the main characters decide to stay at the best suite at Caesars Palace, one of the most popular casinos in Las Vegas. So, when they need the money, Alan decides to play blackjack at the casino and starts winning by counting cards. And even though card counting isn’t illegal, it’s, as Alan says, “frowned upon”, so you need to be a real expert to be able to do it as smoothly as this movie character.

Danny Ocean in Ocean’s Eleven

There are few movies that starred so many great actors and actresses as Ocean’s Eleven. And since the movie revolved around a casino heist organized by Danny Ocean and his crew, everyone expected to see a memorable gambling scene. And they weren’t disappointed. At one point in the movie we can see several famous stars playing against each other, and among them are Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) and Dany Ocean (George Clooney). From this poker scene, you can learn the attitude when playing against high rollers which can be of help especially during poker tournaments. 

Mike McDermott in Rounders

From the very beginning of the movie Rounders, we can see Mike McDermott play Texas Hold’em with a minimum buy-in of 25,000 dollars. The character played by Matt Damon can be a true inspiration for all card game fans, since the movie is loaded with gambling scenes and incredible acting. Also, you might want to pay attention to John Turturro’s amazing performance which can also be truly helpful for poker players. 

Nicky in Casino

Even though titled Casino, this movie doesn’t have that many intense gambling scenes like the other movies we’ve mentioned in this article. But the scene when Nicky is playing Blackjack is more than enough to be on our list. In this scene, Nicky proves that you should never underestimate your opponents, especially in cards games like poker or blackjack. Because your opponents might not look like good gamblers, when in fact they could be the best players that will destroy anyone at the table. 

Featured Image Credit: IMDb