Minnesota Vikings Suites & VIP Box

Nothing beats the exclusivity and privilege that comes with being a Minnesota Vikings VIP box holder. If you want to witness the game in style and luxury, you can rest assured that a VIP box will provide the desired level of convenience and luxury. Whether you wish to enjoy the game in peace at the best angles or make the event a memorable one by enjoying it with your friends, booking Minnesota Vikings suites will make your wishes come true. Once you’ve tasted the premium luxuries and amenities of a luxury suite, you’ll always want to come back for more. Make up your mind quickly and get them early because they’re never meant to last for long. 

How To Buy Minnesota Vikings Suites & VIP Box

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Minnesota Vikings suites offer lasting impressions with the exclusive perks and privileges that they offer. In-suite catering, an in-seat attendant, and private restrooms are some of the perks that come with suite tickets. VIP parking is accessible in the Mills Fleet Farm Garage, while a VIP event entrance is available on either the Pentair Gate or the Ecolab Gate. With Minnesota Vikings VIP Club seats, you’ll also get VIP club access to various exclusive clubs in the venue. The accessibility primarily depends on the type of suite ticket that you’ve purchased. The various clubs include the Mystic Lake Club Purple, the Delta Sky360 Club, Founders Lounge, Norseman Lounge, and Medtronic Club.  

If you wish to experience a highly exciting game in the comfort of Minnesota Vikings suites, make sure you get them today. The Minnesota Vikings are a major NFL team belonging to the NFC North division. The team was established in 1960 and played its inaugural season games at the Metropolitan Stadium. In 2016, the team moved to the US Bank Stadium, and it has been their home venue since then. Lying at 401 Chicago Avenue in downtown Minneapolis, the Ship is a large football stadium with a capacity to hold up to 66655 guests for football games. A lot of interesting events have happened at the venue, including the Super Bowl LII. If you wish to secure a Minnesota Vikings VIP box, you’ll be glad to know that the venue features 131 executive suites. 

The All-Inclusive VIP Couch comes with a capacity to seat 6 to 12 guests, and 2 VIP parking passes. They lie on the Loft Suite level in Mystic Lake’s Club Purple. This Minnesota Vikings VIP box makes the perfect choice for those who wish to make the best use of the venue’s upscale bars and restaurants. The Turf Suite lies on the field level and offers vantage views of the actions taking place on the field. Guests in Turf Suites will get access to the exclusive Delta Sky360 Club. These suites come with 22 to 24 tickets with 0 to 4 VIP parking passes. 

The Valhalla Suite is one of the most coveted Minnesota Vikings suites and comes with 20 to 24 tickets. They lie along the Vikings sideline 17 rows above the field. They come with all-inclusive catering, 0 to 4 VIP parking passes, and several other exclusive amenities. The Touchdown Suite is inclusive of food and beverages and lies at each end zone of the venue. They come with 20 tickets with an option to buy up to 4 additional tickets. With only 8 Touchdown Suites available, they’re one of the most exclusive suite options at the US Bank Stadium. 

The Loft Suite and the Norseman Suite both come with a base capacity of 18 tickets and 0 to 4 VIP parking passes. While Loft Suites lie on the sidelines, the Norseman Suite lies 36 rows above the field and offers exceptional viewpoints. The amenities of these Minnesota Vikings suites are quite similar and include in-suite catering, private restrooms, access to premium club areas, and more. The Mini-Turf Suite comes with 14 tickets along with 0 to 3 parking passes. They are placed right behind the Vikings bench and provide proximity to the action. These suites make great choices for die-hard fans of the Vikings. 

The Norseman Lounge Suite is the smallest Minnesota Vikings VIP box option and comes with 10 tickets and 0 to 2 VIP parking passes. They feature 5 tall-backed stadium seats and 4 free-standing chairs with 3 extra chairs. You’ll be able to access the all-inclusive Norseman Lounge. The largest suite option is the Cabin Suite which fits up to 50 people. These spacious suites make the perfect choice for large groups. They lie along the visitor’s sideline in the northeast corner of the stadium. These suites feature 32 fixed seats, 9 SROs, and 9 bar stools and come with food and beverages. 

The Vikings have won 4 conference championships, 20 division championships, and 30 playoff appearances. But they are yet to secure a league championship. Since its formation, the team has secured an overall win-loss record of 516-442. This season, the team will be facing some popular opponents, and there’s surely going to be some intense action on the field. If you want to make a difference while watching the game, secure a Minnesota Vikings VIP box and live your dream in style. Fans are quite excited about the Vikings upcoming matches against teams like the Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers, Detroit Lions, and New England Patriots, among others. Luxury suite tickets are among the most coveted items. So, be sure to get a suite ticket before they sell out. 

Minnesota Vikings Suites & VIP Box Prices And Details 

How Much Do Minnesota Vikings Suites & VIP Box Cost?  

If you’re interested in Minnesota Vikings VIP boxes & suites, you’ll find them at a cost between $9999 to $34999. The difference in the price is based on many factors, including the time and day of the game, the suite level, and more. You might also find single suite tickets at a cost between $170 to $800. 

How Many Guests Can Fit In A Minnesota Vikings Suite & VIP Box? 

Given the availability of luxury suites at the stadium, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect Minnesota Vikings VIP box or suite. The All-Inclusive VIP Couch comes with 6 to 12 tickets. The Turf Suite features 22 to 24 tickets, while the Valhalla Suite includes 20 to 24 tickets. The Touchdown Suite includes 20 tickets, and the Loft Suite and the Norseman Suite feature 18 tickets each. The Norseman Lounge Suite includes 10 tickets, the Mini-Turf Suite comes with 14 tickets, while the Cabin Suite comes with 50 tickets. 


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