These Virtual Education Platforms Are Offering Free Online Classes

Tired of scrolling? Craving an adventure? Want to flex your brain muscles? During this trying time of quarantine, you’ve probably consumed enough social media to last an eternity. Delve into any of these topics for a change of pace!

Free Online Classes


Cost: Mostly Free!

Boasting over 2,500 courses from prestigious universities and colleges as well as companies across the globe, EdX is a nonprofit online platform for virtual education. EdX, originally established as an online platform from Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, brings top-notch classes to you in the comfort of your living room. Some of these classes have rolling-start dates while others are self-paced courses. Their class topics range from Data Science and Writing to Business Ethics and Blockchain Fundamentals. With the variety, quality, and quantity of classes, EdX is a great option for those who want to learn something new, revisit a beloved topic from their college days, or advance their skill with a certificate (upon course completion).

*EdX has expanded their courses for high school students, college students, and professionals alike in response to COVID19 quarantine measures.


Cost: Mostly Free!

Think of Coursera as the OG of open-online courses. Coursera also sources their content from more than 190 reputable universities and colleges (international, too) along with top-tech companies (Google, for instance). You can enroll in the majority of the courses for free (without earning a certificate). Otherwise, you have the option to pay for a certificate upon completing the course. Coursera is really generous with their financial aid, so should you want to earn a certificate but can’t budget it in right now you can do so (keep in mind you can only enroll in one course at a time if you opt for this). Learn Python from University of Michigan or maybe learn about Civic Engagement in American Democracy from Duke University. Either way, you’re sure to find something interesting that could enhance your resume and mind!


Cost: Minimal Costs

For folks who want to advance their technological prowess, Udacity may be the ultimate choice. From Artificial Intelligence to Cloud Computing, you can take these classes (and more!) from companies around the world (BMW motors or Amazon, for instance). With Udacity, you have access to mentorship and career coaching while you complete the courses with real-world capstone projects. Although pricier in nature, Udacity offers COVID-19 discounts right now – so it might be a good time to budget this in.

Khan Academy

Cost: Donation-based!

Probably most known for getting you through Algebra II in middle school, Khan Academy is for those who don’t want a certificate or need a thorough explanation of a variety of topics. Thinking of prepping for a standardized test? Khan Academy even offers test prep – from SAT to MCAT or LSAT. Donation-based, Khan Academy focuses its energies on education for everyone. For parents adjusting to e-learning, try out Khan Academy’s daily schedule for remote learners (Ages 2 – 18). Even beyond quarantine, Khan Academy is an accessible and intuitive option for everyone!


Cost: Minimal Fee for One Course – Then Lifetime Access!

This is like the tutor-lab at college – gone wild. Udemy is viable for those who want to specifically narrow in on a specific skill or topic. Less exploratory in nature (but still bringing a range of topics), Udemy offers courses that have been created by other folks (who may be an expert). You won’t receive a degree from Udemy’s courses because they are not offered by an accredited institution. However, if you like more relatable courses with the most flexibility, Udemy is a great choice. Also, a really attractive aspect to Udemy is that you have lifetime access to courses after paying the initial fee (which is determined by the instructor). Udemy brings a whole new meaning to learn at your own pace!

Take a break from scrolling and embark on an adventure that will challenge your mind and expand your skillset!


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