Minneapolis COVID-19 Testing Updates: Where Can You Get Tested Before the Holiday Season?

As Minnesota heads into the holiday season, the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 testing availability is imperative for Minnesotans to have the safest possible holiday season. While Minnesota has not implemented any additional stay at home or shelter in place orders, the rapid rise of COVID-19 cases is causing some concern on how to operate amongst family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here are locations you can find COVID-19 testing in the Minneapolis area where you can get a same-day or scheduled test and ensure your and your family’s safety this holiday season. You can find more information out at the Minnesota Department of Public Health website.

Minneapolis Testing Options

COVID-19 Community Testing Sites
All COVID-19 testing is no cost at a Minnesota Department of Health community testing site. We are always planning more testing sites across the state, working together with communities to make sure everyone can get tested. You do not need to show identification.Tests are at no cost to you, and insurance is not required. While appointments are recommended, walk-ins are always welcome.
All community testing sites will be closed:
  • Thursday, Nov. 26 and Friday, Nov. 27 for Thanksgiving
  • Thursday, Dec. 24 and Friday, Dec. 25 for Christmas
  • At-home COVID-19 saliva testing
  • Minnesota offers no-cost, at-home COVID-19 saliva testing for people who believe they need to be tested, with or without symptoms.
  • Clinic or hospital
  • Nasal swab testing is available in many clinics and hospitals across Minnesota. You will likely need to schedule an appointment ahead of time, though walk-ins are accepted at some sites. You’ll need to show your identification and insurance information when you arrive. Some locations can perform a rapid COVID-19 test for an additional fee. They aren’t as accurate as a nasal or saliva test, especially if you don’t have symptoms. Not all clinics or hospitals will test people without symptoms, and each has its own way of deciding if a test is necessary. Call ahead to find out more.

When to get Tested

  • If you have any symptoms, get tested for COVID-19. Talk to your health care provider if you want more information.
  • If you have been in a high-risk situation, get tested for COVID-19. High-risk situations include:
    • Knowing you were in close contact with someone who has COVID-19. In general, being a close contact means you have spent 15 minutes or more within about 6 feet of a person who has COVID-19 throughout a 24-hour period.
      • If you were in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, you need to stay home for 14 days (quarantine) even if you get a negative test result.
      • If you think you may have come into close contact with someone with COVID-19 but aren’t sure, get tested.
    • Large group gatherings, especially with limited social distancing and/or few people wearing masks.
    • If you do not have symptoms, it is best to get tested at least 5 days after the last time you were close to the person with COVID-19. If you get tested too soon, the test may not be able to detect the virus. Talk to your health care provider to get more advice on when to get tested.

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