Fun Outdoor Decorating Options for The Holidays

Christmas time doesn’t find much of us venturing outside when the temperature drops. We often find ourselves keeping cozy indoors while we ride out the season of snow and temps descending into the negatives. But if there’s one thing that’ll make any Minnesotan venture outside or take a drive, it’s for the sight of the festive holiday decorations. But perhaps your whole block is getting in the spirit of the season as well and you’re seeking a little something more than the traditional Christmas lights to make the season shine a little brighter. If you’re seeking to take your holiday decoration to the next level, consider these ideas for fun Christmas decorations to make your house stick out.

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Tinsel Llama With Lights

Llamas are just neat and seeing one glow in the dark of winter night, especially when those lights are incandescent within the fur. The best part about this decoration is that it looks just as good in the day with its tinsel exterior as it does during the night, making for a solid holiday decoration for any time of day.


LED Deer

A deer is always a magical sight. The light and majestic animal ever so often comes out of the wild and viewing one is something special. An LED deer can also be just as special for lighting up the winter nights with a creature most compelling. They may not look much in the daytime with their skeletal wireframes but come nightfall they’ll be one of the most immaculate displays.

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Snoopy Decoration

The Peanuts has always been a Minnesota icon, be it for the references in the comics, the statues around the state, or the defunct Camp Snoopy. Having been so notable for over 50 years, why not show some Peanuts love with this decorative Snoopy display? It’s a surefire way to attract some attention and smile for all the warmth that A Charlie Brown Christmas has brought to so many over the years.

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Light-up Beach Balls

Bring a massive dose of color to the snow by peppering your lawn with some glowing beach balls. Using LED lights, these balls come in numerous colors that can make your lawn appear as though it either has massive Christmas lights or is decked out like a Christmas tree with bulbs. They’re a great investment as a year-round decoration as well, making for a great toy for kids outdoors when the sun starts to set.

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Projection and Strobe Lights

Don’t feel like going through the hassle of putting up a lot of decorations? That’s not a problem if you have a projector and strobe lights. These colorful displays will light your house with an animated display of Christmas lights projected onto your house. It sure beats wrapping lights around the roof and is a lot safer as well.

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