14 Black Artists, Musicians & Writers from Minneapolis to Support

In times of stressful racial division, it’s important to elevate black voices that represent Minneapolis. This city is not just home to a very diverse community but much talent as well. Numerous popular black artists can be found around town crafting everything from dazzling art to enthralling writing. Here are some local creators churning out works of art that you can support right now.

black artists
Photo Credit: Briana Lawrence

Briana Lawrence

Briana, along with her partner Jessica Walsh, dabbles in all things geeky. From cute art to engaging fanfiction, her work carries an adorable and wondrous appeal. Some of her Patreon perks include coloring book pages and updates on her fantasy book series, MagnifiqueNOIR. Be on the lookout for this famous black artist at conventions as well where she can often be seen touting her art as well as her remarkable cosplay.

black artists
Photo Credit: DC Edwards

DC Edwards

DC Edwards is a local writer with a love of pop culture and Afrofuturism. His debut novel, Bright City, is an urban dystopia with coming-of-age elements, telling the tale of Abigail Drexler being kicked out of the Drexton Kingdom and into The Outlands. You can find his book at local Minnesota bookstores, as well as Amazon.

black artists
Photo Credit: Marlon James

Marlon James

Marlon is not only a local published author but a New York Times bestseller and a finalist selection for the National Book Award. His latest novel, Black Leopard, Red Wolf, an African fantasy saga that has been referred to by Neil Gaiman as “a fantasy world as well-realized as anything Tolkien made.”

black artists
Photo Credit: André M. Carrington

André M. Carrington

For those more interested in the non-fiction of analyzing race in popular culture, André M. Carrington is an author who has taken note of depictions of race in his writing. His book, Speculative Blackness: The Future of Race in Science Fiction, takes a look at how the likes of movies and comic books have shaped a public perception on the nature of race.

black artists
Photo Credit: Eyenga Bokamba

Eyenga Bokamba

Eyenga has been creating abstract paintings that have appeared at a number of local art shows, including the Minnesota Black Fine Arts Show in Austin and Obsidian Arts in Minneapolis. This popular black artist has even been featured at the Venice Biennale in Italy. Her colorfully absorbing work can be checked out on her website.

black artists
Photo Credit: Rowdie


A recent art graduate, Rowdie is developing comics based on his love of being a cartoonist. Being based in Minneapolis as a black and queer artist has shaped the basis for Rowdie’s comic series, Sons of Menoetius. Patrons of Rowdie can receive updates on his comics as well as digital postcards.

black artists
Photo Credit: Cadex Herrera

Cadex Herrera

Originally from Belize, Cadex has been working as an artist in Minnesota, exploring various cultural traditions and bringing about social awareness in his work. He became most notable for his mural to George Floyd so it’s worth taking a look at his other work as well.

black artists
Photo Credit: Ta–coumba


Ta–coumba has done a little bit of everything for the artistic community of Minneapolis as a well-known black artist, arts administrator, educator, and community activist. His work spans over 300 murals and is featured in the Walker Art Center. Commissions can be made off his website.

Photo Credit: De’Vonna Pittman

De’Vonna Pittman

De’Vonna has been very active within Minneapolis as a motivational speaker and works within Community Corrections. Her book, My Pretty and Its Ugly Truth, A Memoir by De’Vonna Bentley-Pittman, can be purchased online.

black artists
Photo Credit: Junauda Petrus

Junauda Petrus

Junauda dabbles in a bit of everything as a creative activist, writer, playwright, and multi-dimensional performance artist. Her writing has been published by Penguin Random House with her debut novel The Stars and The Blackness Between Them, a tale of love and compassion.

black artists
Photo Credit: T. Aaron Cisco

T. Aaron Cisco

T. Aaron Cisco has a background in television and has penned numerous novels of Afrofuturism. His fiction includes the dystopian social commentary of Temportality, Dragon Variation, and The Preternaturalist.

black artists
Photo Credit: Roxane Battle

Roxane Battle

Having been a news reporter and anchor on television, Roxane Battle has had quite the career and has divulged much of it in her biographical writing, Pockets of Joy. More of her story is divulged on her website, along with various articles and much praise for her work.

Photo Credit: Nicole Pacini

Nicole Pacini

Nicole is a successful Minnesota entréepreneur that has taken her knowledge business and self-actualization to books. She has published Not a Cloud in the Sky, a collective of exercise to better yourself. She additionally offers courses on writing, publishing, and promoting your own work.

black artists
Photo Credit: Nikki Jean

Nikki Jean

Nikki has grown up with much tragedy that has shaped her hip hop music career. She has released numerous music videos and albums, her most recent album being Beautiful Prison. Be sure to check out her music videos as well.


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