5 Incredibly Unique Margarita Recipes You Can Make for Cinco de Mayo

What better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than with a strong, flavorful margarita? It only gets better if the party is at home. Turn up the music and whip up some guacamole; it’s about to get festive in here! These margarita recipes are so unique, your Cinco de Mayo will be better than ever.

Classic Margarita

A classic margarita is always a crowd-pleaser. We love the tip of adding chili powder to the rim for a little nip. The traditional lime and triple sec offer a balance between sour, sweet, and zany citrus notes. Make sure to pair this drink with chips, salsa, and carnitas tacos. 

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Jalapeño Basil Lime Frozen Margarita

Typically, herb garnish is reserved for the main course, but this margarita serves it up during happy hour. With ample amounts of herbs, the jalapeño basil lime frozen margarita packs a spicy punch. Again, the sweet balances with the heat to create this captivating frozen margarita. These complex flavors definitely make this cocktail skyrocket to the top of our list.

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Chocolate Margarita

Who says chocolate is reserved for dessert? With the rise of chocolate hummus, we were anxiously waiting for our boozy favorites to get a chocolate facelift. This chocolate margarita expertly uses orange and lime juice to cut through the sometimes overly dense texture of the chocolate and cream. Superb and best served with your favorite gal pals.

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Honey Mango Strawberry Margarita

Mimosas are out and honey mango strawberry margaritas are the new brunch favorite. Kick Cinco de Mayo off with a festive start by serving these fresh, yet tart, margaritas. This blended margarita recipe will appease even the most traditional margarita connoisseurs.

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Magical Color-Changing Margarita

This next margarita recipe is a home run in our book — tastes delicious, looks delectable, and has complexity. The magical color-changing margarita is amping up the mixology game. Infused butterfly pea tequila gives this cocktail its iridescent blue and purple hue. This margarita recipe is certainly in a league of its own.


Bottoms up with these creative twists on this tequila classic cocktail. Cinco de Mayo is going to be a delicious fiesta! 


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