Men’s Fashion Trends Throughout the Years: What’s Next?

Trends are constantly changing over the years. We have seen things go as quickly as they come. We have also seen trends that stay around for awhile, then eventually fade out. One thing we have always noticed is that history tends to repeat itself. There are things trending now that were once popular five and six decades ago. And graphic tees for men is one of them. In the 1960s, graphic tees really took off. This was because screen printing was an easier way to inexpensively print designs on shirts.

They were featured in popular movies and became one of the most popular things to wear. Throughout the 70s and 80s, graphic tees took the fashion world by storm. They were used for self-expression and cultural art. During the 1990s, graphic tees saw their first decline. The market was oversaturated, and people were looking for something different. However, with eCommerce taking off in the 2000s, graphic tees began to make their way back. This is because technology gave the ability to print custom tees and have them shipped to your door. With the endless possibilities in t-shirt design, graphic tees made their way back into the fashion game. And what’s that look like today? Let’s find out.

Nature graphic Tees

We have seen a spike in popularity for adventure travel. Many people are trading stationary homes for RV’s, vans, and tents that pop up on SUV’s. People are spending more time on the move and less time in one place. This makes adventure graphic tees for men trending in fashion. Images of the wilderness, desert, mountains, and forests are hot off the screen press. This is because people want tees that show off a little bit of who they are. If someone likes adventure and travel, they are going to choose images that represent that. Since exploring nature is at its peak right now, graphic tees that represent that are as well.

Neon graphic Tees

Neon colors went away for a little bit when more neutral tones became the top trend. However, as we said before, history repeats itself. 80’s fashion is on top right now, which means highlighter colors. Graphic tees for men that have neon colors throughout them are gaining popularity. Think highlighter pink, green, yellow, and blue. These colors in images and patterns are perfect for today’s clothing trends. Having graphic tees with these colors will for sure put you on top in the fashion world.

Space graphic Tees

Curiosity for what’s beyond earth has only grown. There have been more and more shows and movies made about other dimensions, realities, worlds, and galaxies. This has sparked a wonder for what’s out there besides our planet. And because of that wonder, space graphic tees for men have taken off. A lot of times, these tees have been made with the highlighter colors, checking off the boxes for two things trending: neon and space. The combination has consumers intrigued and buying up space graphic tees left and right. Aliens, astronauts, and planets have been some of the top designs on the market today. If you want to be in the front of the line of the incoming trend, then get on board with these graphic tees.

Shirt color for graphic Tees

The colors in your graphic will dictate what color of tee you can have. For example, the highlighter colors are trending. If your image is full of neon colors, then having this image on a black tee will create a stark contrast. This will make your graphic stand out and be easily seen. If your image on your tee is mostly one color like black or white, then choosing a tee that is olive green or navy blue is ideal. The goal is to have the image on your tee stand out, while the rest of the tee blends in. Graphic tees that have a neutral base and a standout image are what’s hot right now. White also works as a great base color. It goes well with the neon colors as well as a graphic that has more subtle coloring.

High quality Tees

If you are looking for graphic tees for men, then you want to make sure you get quality tees. First off, you want great ink. Eco-friendly ink that is used for graphic tees is better for the environment while still giving you a bright image. A screen printed design will make sure the ink lasts a long time, without cracking and fading. For the shirt itself, you want a poly-cotton blend that is comfortable and breathable at the same time. The blend keeps it from shrinking and helps it last much longer

Top Trends

Graphic tees are what’s happening now. They are just beginning to flood the markets once more, with sleek designs and artistic expression. If you are looking for the latest trends, this is one you will want to jump on. These tees are just beginning to take over the fashion industry.

Photo by Frame Kings on Unsplash