Meet the Man Behind the Success of Make Tech Quick: Anubhav Roy

One of the most common sightings today is a startup. People like the idea of something out of the ordinary. However, only a small percentage of business owners are able to maintain their start-ups and maintain steady revenue streams. Anubhav Roy, the founder of Make Tech Quick and Techphr, has shown a tremendous amount of dedication and perseverance in the face of fierce competition, an infectious pandemic, and the risk of becoming cliched.

Make Tech Quick is a well-known informational website that shares an uncommon enthusiasm for technology and strives to make it easier for us commoners to understand.

As a result of Anubhav’s unwavering dedication and hard work, Make Tech Quick has come to fruition. Make Tech Quick first appeared on the internet in August 2020, during the pandemic at a time when there was little to no information available about the latest technological advancements.

When it came to expanding the website, Anubhav realized that he would run out of time without the help of an experienced team. As a result, Make Tech Quick now has a motivated team that shares a common interest in technology and has a background in technology. It was a long and arduous process for Anubhav, but the end result was a team that was far better than he could have ever dreamed of.

Mr. Anubhav Roy, the founder of Make Tech Quick and Techphr, agrees with the concept. He claims, “While many of my college friends were glued to MySpace, I was occupied with finding a solution to my day-to-day issues. 

Google returned results from sites with little content and a heavy emphasis on advertising. That’s when the inspiration to start a technology blog first struck me. Many Indians began using smartphones as their primary mode of communication and entertainment after the Android operating system gained widespread acceptance in 2012.

It wasn’t long after I started blogging about computer troubleshooting, Android hacks, and gaming guides that my posts climbed to the top of Google’s search results. My work has always been centered around expanding and growing Make Tech Quick from that point on because it was obvious that it could work.”

If you’re interested in staying on top of the latest technological developments, tech news, and a comprehensive answer to your computer questions, look no further than Every month, over hundred thousand people visit Make Tech Quick’s website, and we have over 20 thousand newsletter subscriptions. As a result of their trust in the Make Tech Quick content, readers eagerly await new articles from the authors.

Additionally, Mr. Anubhav Roy is working to expand the website’s YouTube channel, which will provide video tutorials for more difficult issues that cannot be addressed through written articles. Make Tech Quick has no plans to slow down any time soon, and it will soon spread to a wide range of global information technology websites.