Mechanics and actions that will increase the number of victories in rounds and matches of Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft has been developing its action series about the actions of special forces called Tom Clancy for quite a long time, which managed to come out in the genre of strategy, stealth action and just an assault project, but now it is a full-fledged e-sports shooter about the confrontation between special forces and terrorists in a battle in buildings with high the degree of destructibility and the need not only to win, but also to eliminate the threat of a bomb explosion or the death of hostages.

All matches last up to 8 victories of one of the teams with a change of sides, and those players who, in addition to winning, also gain good kill and assist statistics, receive a good r6 boosting rank, which helps to get into the same team with stronger players and get the same opponents.

r6 agents

Agent mechanics

In Rainbow Six, you have the opportunity to choose an agent in the match for whom you will play for the side of the special forces, or the terrorists.

The choice determines to a large extent the weapons and skills that the character will have.

For example, you may get the option to strengthen part of the walls, or the roof, and the enemy will no longer be able to break through it so quickly, but if he has a special character with penetrating power, then this will be a normal task for him.

Operatives also differ in their weapons, but are largely divided into attack aircraft, scouts and group defenders.

Try different classes to find the most comfortable option for yourself.

r6 special forces

Special forces mechanics

You will play offensively and for your boosting in Rainbow Six Siege you will have a large number of tools.

Firstly, you will always have the opportunity to attack the enemy with large forces, but you will discuss tactics with your team.

You can play aggressively and simply attack one of the points with large forces, relying on the effect of surprise and guessing the direction of the attack.

You can play tactically and knock enemies out of the zone through a planned and simultaneous strike from several sides, which will not allow the enemy to come to his senses.

You can play slowly, looking around every corner and checking areas for mines and waiting for mistakes and impatience of enemies to shoot them and gain a tactical advantage, as well as slowly scouting areas for weak points in the defense for your attack.

Use not only standard doors and passages, but also invent your own, using the building’s destructibility mechanics.

Break the floor and ceiling, make gaps in the walls, but remember that the enemy can find out about your plans and prepare a defense, so if you start an attack, then do not change your plan, but play it out to the end, otherwise in a panic you will simply lose several rounds and lose your stable rank boost in R6.

Terrorist mechanics

The defense of buildings and points with bombs and hostages is, on the one hand, a more difficult task, and on the other hand, a simpler one.

Firstly, due to shelters, the ability to change positions every round, mining and grenades, even one player can cause significant harm to the attackers, and it is not a fact that they will be able to get through even this.

Each round will be like a battle of wits and cunning, and whoever comes up with the fastest and best idea will succeed in the Rainbow Six Siege rounds.

If the task of special forces is to break through and break in with large forces, then the terrorists must strengthen problem areas, mine and distribute their forces throughout the map in order to recognize the assault in time and pull all living players to repel it.

The player’s task at the point that was attacked is not to kill all the enemies, although this would be a good option, but unlikely, but to live as long as possible in order to prevent them from going further and wait for the main forces to arrive.

You can not only sit on the defensive, but also go on the attack yourself to try to kill one or more attackers and increase the chances of winning this round and match and get a boost in Rainbow Six.

Proceed with caution, because an unjustified death will only complicate the situation for the playing team.

You need to kill at least one player, or simply see the direction of the main attack of the enemies, in order to give the rest of the squad members a command to rebuild and a more successful and understandable defense format in R6.

Mechanics of grenades

The correct and timely throw of a grenade can stop an assault, or, conversely, knock the enemy out of a defensive position.

A fragmentation grenade will do good damage, especially if it lands right under the enemy’s feet, and a flash-noise grenade will help disorient them and carry out an assault, or, on the contrary, stop it due to a lack of understanding of the further direction of movement.

Just gradually train yourself not to just try to shoot the enemy, but to fully use the position on the map, equipment and grenades so that you are always one step ahead of the enemy and impose your game on him.

Pair Action Mechanics

For a successful game and stable rank boosting in Rainbow Six Siege, it is better to play in pairs – when players act together and, for example, throw a grenade to instantly enter the line of fire – this gives a good chance of winning the battle.

For terrorists, this means occupying a vantage point at the intersection of the playing area with the ability to simultaneously shoot at enemies and, covering each other, destroy them faster.

You can act with a large number of players, and everything depends only on the possibility of communication and the allied response to them.

A triple burst into a room through the roof, walls and windows will hardly be repelled by anyone if you immediately dismantle the sectors and hold them so that each player destroys his opponent, or helps his allies do so.