Maharashtrian Bridal Beauty Book: Makeup Tips and Tricks for the Wedding Day

The wedding day is one of the most important days in a bride’s life – from her attire to her bridal makeup; everything needs to look and feel absolutely splendid! In Maharashtra, the brides look exquisite in their simplicity as they’re eager to meet with their soulmate at the mandap. From the dark kohl-rimmed eyes filled with joyous celebration, the pearls of Mundavalya sitting atop her head, the crescent-shaped Nath adorning her nose, and the golden jewelry covering her from head to toe, the Marathi bride is a vision to behold. If you’re looking to craft your own bridal look for your wedding celebrations, then you’ll require some of the best tips to start ahead. Here is the ultimate makeover guide for your big day to nail that Marathi Mulgi-look in the most breathtaking manner. Are you ready to make the lifelong commitment of marriage to the perfect soulmate? Then don’t wait any longer; instead, download any Marathi Matrimony app from Google Play Store and find your own marital bliss. 

Tip 1 – Perfect Your Skincare Routine

A bride should look the most beautiful on her wedding day. Won’t you agree? If there is still time until the wedding, it’s best for the bride to achieve her skin goals. Clear and dewy skin is the perfect base for your makeup. If there aren’t any blemishes or dark spots to hide, the Marathi bride will require fewer products to be applied to the face, and her skin will look healthier.

To start with, the bride should determine her skin type and focus on skincare items that will work best to fix her weak spots. For pigmentation, the bride can add a Vitamin C serum to her routine, or in case of dry skin, she may use a facial oil. If the bride has oily skin, then she should use a hydrating moisturizer for her skin regime. It’s advisable for the bride to follow her skin routine for at least a month so that her skin is all prepped up before the day of the wedding.

Tip 2 – Go for a Softer, Au-Natural Look

Since the Maharashtrian wedding ceremonies are usually kept during the daytime, it’ll be preferable for the bride to opt for a natural makeup look. You can choose the perfect look for your own wedding in the future. If you’re looking for your perfect life partner, then don’t wait anymore. Instead, take this opportunity to create your own Marathi Matrimony profile today. The bride can use softer shades such as pinks and nudes to add a natural look to her face. This will make the traditional bride look more youthful and perfect for the summertime. For the eyes, the bride can add accent colors that match with her outfit and paint her lips in a nude shade. The bride should use minimal foundation and more concealer to cover her dark circles and spots around the face. The bride can also add a tinted strobe cream and a cream blush to get that perfect flush against her skin. This will make the Nath and other embellishments around her face look even more striking.

Tip 3 – Avoid White Casts in Pictures

While having a summer Marathi wedding, the brides will ideally try to avoid oily patches on their faces, which is why they’d use a white setting powder to remove the excess oil from their face. This can prove to be a bad idea as it will leave a white cast on the bride’s face. White setting powder and makeup with SPF protection can result in the same, which is why it might be a better idea to skip it altogether. Instead, the bride should invest in a good setting spray that’ll help keep her makeup in place and make sure that it lasts for the entire day!

Tip 4 – Don’t Forget Your Brows

The Maharashtrian bride certainly looks like a dream in her crescent-shaped bindi and the Mundavali, made with a string of pearls across her forehead. Although, it’s also important that she gives as much importance to her brows as well. The bride’s brows help to accentuate the rest of her face, which is why she must not forget to define them. There are great products available in the market to work with even the thinnest brows and make them look big, brown, and beautiful. So there’s no need to worry if you don’t already have naturally perfect-shaped brows; you can always use a medium-brown pencil and some brow gel to make them look fuller and well defined in no time.

Tip 5 – Use a Waterproof Mascara

Since it’s the wedding day, the bride will shed many stray tears throughout the day. Also, during summer, the makeup can melt quickly, so applying smudge-proof and waterproof mascara can do the magic. It will make sure not to let the bride’s eyes look droopy and keep the damage to a minimum when the waterworks begin. The last and most important tip for the bride is always to have her cheeks filled with joy, and her eyes should sparkle with anticipation for a new life as a married wife.

Featured Image Credit: Wedding Wire