List of Safest free YouTube Mp3 Converter apps in Android in 2023

YouTube Mp3 Converter is a useful tool that allows users to extract the audio from YouTube videos and convert them into Mp3 files. With a good YouTube to Mp3 converter, you can download your favorite music and podcasts from YouTube for offline listening. However, with the number of YouTube downloader apps available, it can be tricky to find ones that are safe to use. In this article, we will discuss what is a YouTube Mp3 Converter, how to use it on Android devices, the benefits, and most importantly, list some of the YouTube to mp3 converter safe 2023 options.

What is YouTube Mp3 Converter

A YouTube Mp3 converter is a youtube download mp3 app or online tool that allows you to download YouTube mp3 app videos as Mp3 audio files. It extracts the audio track from a YouTube video and converts it into a common audio format like Mp3 that can be played on various devices. The key benefit of a YouTube Mp3 converter is it lets you listen to your favorite YouTube music and content offline.

How to use YouTube Mp3 Converter in Android

The process of downloading YouTube videos as MP3 audio files on an Android device just takes 3 quick and easy steps.

Step 1. Install Converter App:

First, install a safe, legit YouTube MP3 converter app from the Google Play Store. Look for trusted apps with lots of downloads. (Install a safest youtube to mp3 converter app)

Step 2. Paste Video URL:

Next open the app, copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to convert and paste it in the prompts. (Paste video URL in converter app)

Step 3. Download Mp3:

Finally, tap on the download button to extract the audio which will be converted and saved as an MP3 file. (Tap download to convert and save audio)


In summary, using a YouTube to MP3 converter on an Android device requires just 3 simple steps – installing a safe converter app, pasting the video URL in it, and tapping download to extract and save the audio as an MP3 locally for offline use.

The benefits of YouTube Mp3 Converter

A YouTube Mp3 converter provides some great advantages to users. It lets you listen to YouTube audio offline when you don’t have an internet connection. This saves mobile data usage as audio files are smaller than streaming videos online. You can also create playlists and collections of your favorite YouTube music easily. Most converter tools are free to use with no limits on downloads. This allows grabbing higher quality audio compared to YouTube’s compressed streaming quality. Finally, the downloaded Mp3 files can be transferred between devices which makes it very convenient.

5 Safe YouTube Mp3 Converter Apps

Here are 5 safe, legal, and completely free youtube mp3 downloader and converter apps you can use on Android:

1. YouTube Downloader (UDL Helper)

How to download and install:

UDL Helper can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store on your Android device. Simply search for “UDL Helper” and install the app. Grant the required permissions when prompted.

About the converter:

UDL Helper is an excellent free YouTube to MP3 converter app with no limits on downloads. It extracts and downloads audio safely through YouTube’s API. The app is fast, contains no ads or malware, and works great.

Quick Glance on features:

  1. Download YouTube music as MP3 up to 320kbps
  2. Convert entire YouTube playlists
  3. Supports background downloading

Best for: High quality MP3 conversion

Support Platform: Android

Price: Free

2. YTD Video Converter

How to download and install:

The YTD converter app can be installed for free from the Google Play store on Android devices. Search for “YTD” and install.

About the converter:

YTD is a popular and safe MP3 conversion tool for Android. It can quickly download audio from YouTube videos at 128 kbps bit rate without limits. YTD has a clean interface and is regarded as legal.

Quick Glance on features:

  1. Legally converts YouTube to MP3
  2. No registration required
  3. Allows downloading entire playlists

Best for: Quick and simple MP3 conversion

Support Platform: Android, Windows

Price: Free

3. 4K Video Downloader

How to download and install:

4K Video Downloader has a free app on Android’s Google Play Store. Install by searching for “4K Video Downloader”.

About the converter:

For ripping YouTube audio from Youtube audio download mp3 app in top quality up to 320kbps, SnapDownloader is an excellent choice. It’s fast, safe, and registration-free.

Quick Glance on features:

  1. Extracts 320kbps MP3 audio
  2. Safe and 100% open-source software
  3. Fast downloading and conversion

Best for: Maximum quality MP3s

Support Platform: Android, Windows, Mac, Linux

Price: Free

4. Savefrom YouTube to MP3 tool

How to download and install:

Search for “ downloader” on Google Play Store and install their app on your Android device.

About the converter: is a popular online YouTube converter tool with a functional Android app. It can quickly generate MP3 files from YouTube videos.

Quick Glance on features:

  1. Fast YouTube to MP3 conversion speeds
  2. Downloads playlists
  3. Includes subtitle support

Best for: Quick downloads and playlists

Support Platform: Web, Android

Price: Free (with ads)

5. SnapDownloader

How to download and install:

Search for “SnapDownloader” on the Play Store and tap install to get their app on your Android device.

About the converter:

For ripping YouTube audio in top quality up to 320kbps, SnapDownloader is an excellent choice. It’s fast, safe, and registration-free.

Quick Glance on features:

  1. Extracts MP3 audio up to 320kbps
  2. No signup required
  3. Fast download speeds

Best for: Maximum quality and speed

Support Platform: Android

Price: Free

Is Youtube Mp3 Converter safe?

While downloading audio from YouTube using converters is very useful, there are some safety and legal concerns users should be aware of. YouTube’s terms of service prohibit downloading and distributing their content without permission. As such, some converter tools may be violating YouTube’s copyright terms illegally.

However, there are many safe and legitimate converter apps and sites that properly license content or only extract audio streams. Such tools use public APIs approved by YouTube and do not directly rip audio ensuring safety from malware. We have researched and curated some of the best safe options below.

Is Youtube Mp3 Converter legit?

The legitimacy of a YouTube converter depends on how it functions. Tools that simply extract the audio stream through YouTube’s API in the same quality as streamed are perfectly legal. However, apps that directly download and convert videos via unofficial means maybe violating

YouTube’s terms and ripping audio without proper licensing.


As such it’s important to use trusted tools listed below that have a proven track record of safety and compliance with YouTube’s guidelines. Avoid any shady websites and stick to reputed apps from app stores to ensure you remain on the right side of the law.

Conclusion: YouTube Mp3 Converter Reviews 2023

In closing, while downloading YouTube videos as MP3s has risks if using shady sites, we’ve listed only trusted and safe converter options in this 2023 updated list. Our top recommendation is UDL Helper for the seamless blend of safety, speed, and useability. Remember to use MP3 converters ethically and avoid piracy of copyright content for personal offline listening.


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