Let 2023 Be The Year Your Business Makes The Change To Digital

You’ve no doubt heard terms such as “digitization” and “digitalization” thrown around, but what do they mean? Moreover, how do they impact the modern workplace? This short guide explains what you need to know about making the change from paper to digital in 2023. 

Improve Your Workflow

Document imaging integrates into a larger concept known as business digitization. Before you choose solutions for your workplace, it’s helpful to understand some basic terms. “Digitization” means converting existing data into computer-friendly digital formations. Meanwhile, “digitalization” refers to retooling workflows to present data as part of a digital-first experience. Like many organizations, you need both processes to improve efficiency, accuracy, speed, and security. 

Fujitsu scanners can make the transition to digital much easier. With several scanner models available, you can select one that best meets your organization’s needs. Several scanners in the brand’s fi series include advanced features to aid in your paper-to-digital transition.

fi-8170: A Robust Desktop and Network Scanner

Considered the flagship of the fi series, the 8170 boasts several powerful features. Connectable via USB and Ethernet, the 8170 scans up to 70 pages per minute and has an expected daily volume of 10,000 sheets. It comes with a 100-sheet automatic document feeder plus core technologies such as Clear Image Capture, which digitizes using over 4,900 color levels for superior accuracy. Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection and image monitoring detect jams before they occur. 

fi-7600: A High-Volume Scanning Solution

Designed for higher scanning volumes, the fi-7600 boasts a scanning speed of up to 100 ppm and an EDV of 44,000 sheets. Equipped with a 300-page ADF, the 7600 incorporates the same Clear Image Capture and paper protection features as the 8170.

Staying Organized

While remote workers and home office users have different needs, they still benefit from efficient and clear data capturing provided by advanced scanning equipment. Fujitsu’s ScanSnap series machines like the iX-1400 prove this point perfectly.

ScanSnap iX-1400: The Home Office Workhorse

Equipped with one-touch scanning functionality, the ScanSnap iX-1400 integrates several features to make digitizing data faster, easier, and more accurate. Instant file creation converts scanned documents into MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint formats. Other available file formats include searchable PDF and JPEG. Ultrasonic sensing and paper separation features minimize paper jam frequency while improving data capture accuracy.

With a scanning speed of up to 40 pages per minute, the iX-1400 comes with a 50-page ADF and duplex mode for faster scanning. Manual feed mode supports cards, photos, and similar items. 

ScanSnap iX-100: Mobile Scanning Made Easy

If your business takes you on the go, the ScanSnap iX-100 is an indispensable part of your workflow. With its rechargeable lithium battery plus USB and Wi-Fi connectivity, the iX-100 lets you scan from virtually anywhere. Scan single-sided color documents in just over five seconds with this ultra-compact machine weighing only 14 ounces. Measuring less than 11 inches across and only 1.42 inches high, it can easily fit inside a backpack or messenger bag. 

The Right Tools for the Job

The paper-to-digital pipeline affects nearly every type of user: home offices, corporate denizens, small offices, and remote workers. Choosing your scanning equipment wisely is key to embracing and making the most of document imaging in 2023. 


Image Credit: Photo by Ruthson Zimmerman on Unsplash