Lesbians Love Older Women, Says Survey and Our Hearts

The LGBTQIA community has made great strides in being accepted by the community and how people treat them in general. Despite this, there are still a couple of things that many people are yet to figure out when it comes to relationships. One of the things is the age difference in lesbian relationships. It has been a topic of debate for a while.

According to surveys done in the past, most lesbian relationships have a 10 year age gap between them. For this reason, sites like Tiamly.com have come up and provide a platform for lesbians with big age gaps to meet and mingle. Understanding why there is such a huge age gap in lesbian couples can appreciate the relationship better. Here are some of the reasons for the huge age gap regarding relationships.

Older women are more open-minded

One of the things that came up when looking into lesbian relationships and how they have evolved is how different generations have embraced their sexuality. Most of the older generation want to get to a point where they can express their sexuality without being oppressed. For the better part, older lesbians have an issue accepting their sexuality. Those who do are open-minded and will have no issue dating younger women. That is the main reason why it is easy to see women with a bigger age gap dating openly than those who are closer in age.

 There is more stability in older women

Like hetero relationships, an older lesbian partner gives better stability in the relationship. The fights that would happen when one is in a relationship with a peer would not happen when the age difference is there. The older woman will take a more dominant role in the relationship, and it is easy for the younger woman to listen and follow suit. The stability that comes with these relationships makes more people consider dating older women. Most relationships that have lasted also have a significant age difference, and that just goes to show how much age makes a difference in the entire relationship.

Younger women come with the excitement

Perhaps one thing that makes the age gap thing work is enthusiasm. While the older woman might feel like they have seen it all and have no excitement to try new things until they have a younger partner. The good thing with younger partners is they will remind you of all the things you used to do. It is a chance for older women to relive their childhood memories through their lovers. In this case, these two different age brackets are able to help each other experience new things, which adds to the flavor of the relationship. With all these experiences to share, it is no wonder that many people in an age gap relationship can stay together longer because they have so many things they can explore together.

The dating pool is smaller

One of the things you will notice when you are looking at the LGBT community is it is made up of way fewer people than the hetero community. For this reason, there is a limit to the number of people one will get to date within the LGBT community. As such, you find that the younger generation will date older people since those are the ones that are available and ready to mingle. After a while, it becomes normal for one to see older women date younger women.

Love is love

One of the notions that the LGBT community goes with is love is love. That means that you can love whoever you want regardless of age, sex, and physical physique. They are not as picky as the straight community is when it comes to the age of the person someone is dating. Such concepts seem superficial when it comes to how love is perceived in the LBGT community. For the better part, they embrace the concept of love and will let someone love who they want. Younger women have found it easy to introduce their older partners to friends, and older women do not get shamed for loving on a younger person. It is a full circle where everyone is happy.

No traditional restriction on dating

If there one thing the LGBT community has done when it comes to dating, it is changing the narrative on what seems culturally acceptable. There have often been rules on the age gap between partners, but that is a non-issue for the LGBT community. The rule of dating is more relaxed when it comes to LGBT. Couples find it less restrictive, and they can venture out and find whoever they believe is their soulmate.

How do we know that Lesbians love older women?

While there are many speculations and reasons given as to why there is an age difference, many people love to get the facts straight. According to a press release done in 2013, here are the results carried out from a survey in the then LGBT community:

  • Compared to straight respondents, LGBT people are more likely to go for way older partners. The older LGBT have also admitted that they get approached by partners who are ten years younger than most of the time.
  • Out of the women who were interviewed, over 70% claimed that women have the pressure to want to look younger and most of the younger women are more likely to attract better partners

The subject of age has been brought about in the LGBT and heterosexual circles. As such, this will most likely be talked about for years to come. The only clear thing, however, is the fact that you cannot choose who you love based on their outward physique or age. At the end of the day, your heart will love whoever makes it sing. In the LGBT community, most happy couples will tell y they looked beyond the outward and looked at what the partner had to offer. Such a notion is the main reason most of these couples are still together.

Photo by Surface on Unsplash