King Charles Stars in New Portrait by His Coronation Photographer to Mark Armed Forces Day

King Charles and Queen Camilla Honor Armed Forces on Special Day

King Charles and Queen Camilla are giving tribute to the veterans and military servicemen on Armed Forces Day. It is a special day in Britain, besides marking respect to the military personnel, it also appreciates families of soldiers, ex-servicemen, and cadets. Armed Forces Day June 29 saw the unveiling of a new picture of King Charles who is by virtue of being Head of the Armed Forces. This annual event recognizes great contributions made by the military community, a portrait taken in the historic Grand Corridor at Windsor Castle in November 2023 shows a seated fifty five year old British monarch. King Charles wore Field Marshal No1 Full Ceremonial Frock Coat with several medals pinned on his chest, Sword and different decorations, all displaying his strong affiliation with the military.

This year’s Armed Forces Day holds extra significance as it comes exactly eighty years after D-Day. To mark this milestone, there was portrait release this week about His Majesty The King’s recent photograph. The portrait taken by the famous photographer Hugo Burnand, capturing him with full ceremonial uniform for which he is well known. Medals hanging on his chest; sword near his right leg; decorations are some other features belonging to this individual who is known for close association with armed forces.

Celebrated Photographer Captures New Image of King Charles

Since the kings ascension to the throne, Burnand has been responsible for many official photographs featuring the Sovereign himself. Among them are official coronation portraits and Cabinet office’s photo about king that can be found in public institutions like police forces, schools, courts and rescue services throughout the UK. Hugo Burnand has had a longstanding relationship with Prince William’s father – even years back before Prince Harry was born – since he took official pictures of Prince Charles and Camilla’s marriage ceremony in 2005, he has also taken memorable photos of the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011. It testifies to the trust between them as Burnand is a photographer of key moments in the history of the royal family.

King Charles takes on new title previously held by Queen Elizabeth II | The  Independent

Queen Camilla also wished to express her gratitude to war veterans, those who are currently serving their country in different capacities like soldiers, naval personnel and aviators, as well as their families through a touching message alongside the latest picture. This special message was filmed for British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) inside Clarence House’s Morning Room. It is worth to mention that Queen Camilla is a patron of BFBS which shows her deep connection and support for armed forces community. The video from Queen Camilla along with the new portrait by Hugo Burnand emphasizes the continuing appreciation by royal family towards military personnel including their families who sacrifice so much for this nation while not always being recognized or understood by others.

Queen Camilla’s Heartfelt Message

A heartwarming video shows that Queen Camilla at seventy-six is wearing her Royal Lancers brooch. This brooch is significant as it is the emblem of her father’s regiment for which she is the colonel-in-chief. The video, staged with due care, has a table near to Queen Camilla with a photograph of King Charles upon it, taken in the garden at Clarence House this picture shows the monarch in his Royal Navy uniform as Admiral of the Fleet. Furthermore, there is a nostalgic image of her parents, Major Bruce Shand and Rosalind Cubitt taken on their wedding day in January 1946 at St. Paul’s Church in Knightsbridge, London.

Queen Camilla stated that she was deeply honored to be part of everyone on Armed Forces Day. She appreciated those members who serve in both National and International forces and military personnel, She argued that marking their dedication was so important and thanked soldiers globally for what they do to safeguard our nation wholeheartedly. In addition, Queen Camilla also remembered those people who lost lives during wars while trying to maintain peace in different parts of the globe, her heartfelt words revealed her deep appreciation and respect for men and women in uniform.

Thoughts about Normandy

Additionally, Queen Camilla took time to reflect on an eventful trip she had made to Normandy alongside King Charles recently, this visit was particularly poignant as it marked the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Her memories from this trip show how important it is to remember past events, commemorating them with bravery demonstrated by fighting warriors who wanted peace and freedom. Normandy reminded them of many sacrifices that were done by people as well as their enduring effects. The royal family’s deep connection with the military was further emphasized through the video message from Queen Camilla including carefully chosen photographs, coupled with her reflections which underscored the royal family’s close relationship with its armed forces as well as ongoing support and recognition for their contribution.

Queen Camilla started by reflecting on the heroism of the Allied troops in World War II. She said, “We were reminded of the incredible bravery of the Allied land, sea and air forces whose combined endeavors brought about the liberation of Western Europe and in whose debt we shall forever be.” The value of collective efforts that led to Western Europe’s liberation was highlighted by her words as she stressed that those who fought bravely should not be forgotten. Further ahead, Queen Camilla also recognized this year’s Armed Forces with such spirit as well. As she put it, “Eight decades later, I know that, that same spirit and those same qualities remain much in evidence throughout our Armed Forces, as you undertake your duties in the face of a multitude of challenges and dangers.”

Gratitude for Military Families

She commended today’s soldiers for their dedication, despite many adversities they encounter. Resilient determination was her way to acknowledge strength shown by modern soldiers who are capable to withstand numerous threats while performing their tasks; according to Queen Camilla, they do not only protect freedom beyond British Isles but also defend liberty across vast oceans. By saying so, she implied how resolute they are to sustain this determination, never ending attempts and loyalty towards one another as well as United Kingdom which has always been a source of inspiration for them, thereby evoking immense appreciation for all.

Queen Consort to become Queen Camilla after the coronation, Buckingham  Palace confirms | Tatler

Next, Queen Camilla directed her attention to the families of military personnel and thanked them from the bottom of her heart. “I would also like to thank your families, who hold down the fort while you are away in foreign lands,” she said. Drawing from her own experience as an Army officer’s daughter, she acknowledged that people near loved ones can be affected by military life. She confessed that “Being a proud daughter of a soldier in the army made me understand how affecting your relatives can be – you too are heroes.” Her words were a strong reminder that the contribution of service members’ families deserves no less recognition.


Finally, Queen Camilla concluded by stressing on the crucial role played by Armed Forces during both wartime and peacetime. “Whether seen or unseen, our armed forces have been there for us in war and peace time,” she remarked. The armed forces became an inspiration and trustworthiness across our nation thus making it worthy. Respectfully, she added that “you are all an inspiration, reassurance and pride – I salute each one of you.” Thus, in conclusion, she paid tribute to these traits that describe armed forces as ever committed, apart from being heroic who play their part in securing the country’s safety as well as maintaining its values intact.

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