Kids Birthday Party Unique Ideas- Incendio Wands for A Magical Adventure!

Inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter, Incendio wands are glow-in-the-dark wands for events and parties. You can use an Incendio wand at your kids’s next big event to replicate the iconic Harry Potter charm. In the book and movie series, Incendio is associated with fire. 

So, if your kids are fond of all things magical, you want to introduce this nifty party prop to mimic fire and create a magical world all around. The best part? Your kids are safe because no actual fire is involved. Here are some pointers if you are wondering how to use Incendio wands as a party prop. 

1. Spellcasting Relay Race

One of the simplest ways to use incendio wands is by introducing them in a spellcasting race. Divide the kids into teams and set up a relay racecourse. At each station, participants must perform a spell with their “Incendio wands” before passing the wand to the next teammate. 

Keep the spells as wacky as they get. The only rule? Every participant says “Incendio” to light up a pretend cauldron or make magical things happen. That keeps the game interesting, and the players get their much-needed share of magical entertainment. 

Create an enchanting atmosphere by dimming the lights or using colored LED lights. The glow from the wands will become more pronounced in a darker setting, enhancing the magical feel.

2. Wand Ceremony

This is another incredible way to use this party prop in your kids’ events. Get an incendio wand for every kid in the room and then gather them for a ?? Wand Ceremony’ where they officially receive their magical wands. 

Wand Ceremony

You can make this moment memorable by having a brief “wizarding” ceremony like pretend spellcasting or a short story about the wands’ magical properties. If the kids love magic and surrounding themes, they will have a great time!

3. Wizard Duel

Organize a friendly wizard duel where the kids can take turns casting spells and performing magical actions. Divide the kids into pairs, ensuring enough space to move around safely. Each pair will engage in a friendly duel against each other. 

Set the stage by describing the magical arena where the duel takes place. Use your imagination to create a vivid and enchanting environment, perhaps in an enchanted forest or on the grounds of a wizarding school. 

Each pair of kids takes turns casting spells at each other. They can use their “Incendio wands” to perform the spell by waving, pointing, or making specific gestures associated with the chosen spell. Finally, when a spell is cast, let the kids use their imagination to determine the effects. 


For instance, “Expelliarmus” could mean the opponent is disarmed, so they must drop their wand. Alternatively, “Lumos” could mean the wand lights up, creating a temporary glow, and “Wingardium Leviosa” could mean the opponent would need to levitate briefly. Let their imaginations run wild as they explore the beautiful realm of magic and beyond. 

4. Wand Charades

This is another exciting game to keep things magical. Write down different magical spells on pieces of paper and place them in a hat. Each child takes a turn picking a bit and then acts it out while the others guess. The child can use their incendio wands to emphasize the spell. Every kid gets a chance, and their animated gestures with the wands keep things interesting. 

5. Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling

Finally, you can try glow-in-the-dark bowling games. Set up a glow-in-the-dark bowling alley using glow sticks as pins. Kids can take turns using their “Incendio wands” to knock down the glowing pins. The game gets even more interesting if the room is dimly lit. 

Bottom Line

Those were some incredible tips about incendio wands and their many uses for your next kids’ party. This fantastic party prop is an excellent way to keep kids engaged for the longest time. Unlike the actual “Incendio” charm that involves creating fire in the world of wizards- these wands are a safe and creative way to make your own magic without any real fire. 

Almost all incendio wands are crafted from high-quality glow sticks and craft supplies. The final result? A beautiful wand that exudes a magical charm and is perfectly safe. So, if you want to transport your kids to the world of magic- these wands are your best bet!