Key Features to Look for in a Medical Alert System

Senior patients often require additional care and support to maintain their well-being and safety. But, it is not always possible to manually provide them with such requirements.

The medical alert systems also referred to as the personal emergency response systems have been designed keeping in mind about this issue. They offer extensive assistance in promoting better patient safety.

However, to achieve the maximum benefits, there’s a list of features your device should comprise. Check out this blog to learn about the key features to look for in medical alert systems in Canada.

Features to look for in a medical alert system

Here’s a comprehensive list of the features you should look for when investing in a medical alert system in Canada for optimal functionality:

Automatic Fall detection

The automatic fall detection feature is one of the latest advancements introduced in medical alert devices. It is undoubtedly an important key feature since it has increased benefits to ensure patient safety.

When a patient falls, he or she may not be able to press buttons on the device and ask for help manually. In such situations, the automatic fall detection technology comes in handy.

The device is equipped with accelerometer sensors, allowing it to understand the user’s activity, such as physical activity, position of the body, acceleration, etc. So, in case of a sudden fall, the device will automatically be efficient in detecting it.

Key Features to Look for in a Medical Alert Syst

Medication reminder

Older people often tend to forget about their medications. Disruptions in consuming their required medications timely can greatly impact their overall health. However, the latest medical alert systems come equipped with the feature of medication reminders. 

With this feature, senior patients will get accurate notifications on what medications to take and at what time. It also describes the procedure to take the medicines, that is before or after a meal and so on.

So, when you proceed to buy a medical alert system, do not forget to look for this key feature since it can greatly add to the convenience aspect.

GPS location tracker

Taking a small stroll in the morning can be incredibly beneficial for aged people, allowing them to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

However, leaving old people alone can be a questionable decision for many.

Older patients with illnesses like Alzheimer’s and dementia may become disoriented in places they know well, as well as unfamiliar ones. In this case, leaving them alone can be dangerous to their life.

You should install a medical alert system comprising the GPS location tracker to avoid the risk. It will enable you to keep track of the patient no matter where they go and allow them to live a healthy and active life.

Patient Monitoring feature

Monitoring elderly patients throughout the day is incredibly essential to keep them out of potential danger. Since elderly patients have less control over their well-being and safety, keeping someone around them throughout the day can help cater to their health requirements.

However, often it becomes increasingly difficult to keep someone around to monitor or stay yourself. In such situations, a medical alert system equipped with a patient monitoring system in Canada can turn out to be a lifesaver!

It is one of the most important features to look for when choosing a device. Devices equipped with this feature will enable patient monitoring 24*7 and keep them out of danger.

Also, the emergency buttons provided can be used to call for immediate medical assistance directly from a healthcare provider, police station, or caregivers.


Senior patients can greatly benefit from the medical alert systems if they are equipped with the above-mentioned useful features. So, whenever you decide to install one, always look for the features mentioned in this blog.