Kelly Bensimon Moves Back into N.Y.C. Building After Calling Off Her Wedding

Kelly Bensimon is back to her Old Apartment Building.

Home sweet home must have been what Kelly Bensimon thought. The Real Housewives of New York City alumni moved back into her former apartment building in New York City after calling off her wedding at the last minute. 240 Centre Street in lower Manhattan was where 56-year-old Bensimon had rented out her original three bedroom, three-bathroom apartment from a luxury co-op for $28,500 last summer when she got engaged to financier Scott Litner.


Instead of finding another place, Bensimon chose to go back there since this is the same building she lived in. However, because someone is already renting it out, she temporarily resides in another unit within the same structure until it becomes vacant. “I’m excited about my new chapter,” said Kelly regarding this new phase of her life. Thus, by returning to the building and getting settled again on this transition period, it will be an opportunity for a fresh start.

The Unofficial Commissioning of the Building

However, Kelly Bensimon is not just any resident of this historic building but one who is often referred to as “the police building” because it used to be a headquarters for New York City Police Department. She broker specialist and unofficial commissioner for the building. According to its regulars and inhabitants, she plays a crucial role for them due to her deep knowledge in its matter. Last week on Instagram, Kelly Bensimon wrote about how much she loved living here in the Little Italy’s historical buildings.” In no uncertain terms she made clear that selling or buying are deeply personal affairs. “I take selling and buying this building very seriously.

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It’s been my home for 3 decades and the haunt of the most powerful humans in New York from Teddy Roosevelt to Calvin Klein.” This heartfelt message highlighted her long standing connection with it as well as its storied past. Bensimon’s Instagram post included a carousel of photos and videos showing the inside of the building. The most remarkable image showed the ex-Bravo star standing in a black, flowing dress on a flight of stairs with an air of dramatic declamation. These images gave a visual representation of her life within the building and also demonstrated how much it meant to her to live there.

Highlighting the Building’s Significance

Also, Bensimon posted some videos aside from pictures that explained why the location is significant and discussed its historical importance as a structure. Another interesting picture portrayed her at the door outside apartment 3E adding another layer to her story. All these multimedia elements were made use by her to show how she felt about this place because she has been part and parcel of this community for long. According to an article from Elliman Insider in June, which is a luxury real estate blog, Kelly Bensimon has lived in that building for 30 years now. “Many iterations of Kelly have lived there; first as a model and student, then magazine editor, author, mother, and TV personality,” shared Bensimon on changing identities within those iconic walls.

Such kinds of comments reflect different phases of her life that have happened within this property, thus, showing its significance not only as a residence but rather major cornerstone for both professional and personal paths taken by herself. Consequently, on June 25th Kelly Bensimon terminated her wedding plans with Scott Litner because he did not want to sign a prenuptial agreement. The decision to break up came some few days prior to their originally intended Saturday, June 29th marriage date in Boston.

Addressing the Public

After cancelling the wedding, Bensimon spoke solely to people a day later in an attempt to clarify any doubts. “Ultimately, my decision is none of your business; however, I understand that there are suspicions and rumors and that’s why I am answering this question at all. He would not sign for a pre-nup and so I refused him,” she stated, emphasizing the straightforward nature of her decision. Bensimon went further explaining her action through an official statement where she emphasized that legal protections were of paramount importance. “[Litner] thought that I would enter this union without legal protections in place, that I would leave everything to faith.

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But I’ve worked really, really hard as a single mother and have always made smart decisions for myself and my family, and that will continue.” Thus, her commitment showed by her making sound choices for the family’s welfare. Bensimon has been spending quality time with her kids since she called off the nuptials. Last weekend she put up photos on Instagram stories showing various activities during what could have been their wedding weekend in Hampton beaches. One picture showed her sitting next to someone she loved at the back seat of a hatchback car which had Family first written on it. This look inside her private life shows how much she values them as well as how positive she wants things to be going forward for herself and family members alike.

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