Keeping the Intimacy: 5 Non-Material Things You Could Give To Your Partner

At the start of most relationships, any form of affection – from the playlist to love letters to spontaneous weekend getaways can help establish a sense of connection. However, these acts tend to lessen as a relationship matures. Even looking for the best present during holidays and birthdays can begin to feel like a chore.

The gift-giving mindset may become even more essential as a romant ic relationship evolves. You might also want to take note that the best gifts cannot be wrapped. They are mostly gestures and thoughts from the heart that can change from a good partnership into a genuinely great one. That being said, here are some of the best non-material things you can give to your significant other.

Keep The Passion

Passion typically gets put off as a relationship or marriage becomes more established. However, there are many positive benefits to bringing it back. For beginners, getting passionate helps you discover who you are and what are the things that you want to do with your partner.

One of the most common ways to maintain passion is by improving and exploring in bed with your partner. A good and passionate sex is a significant factor in keeping the fire burning. Some couples would even explore things that may add excitement to this activity – using sex toys like autoblow for men and vibrator for women. 

Good sex has a lot of good health benefits too. It releases a hormone that boosts feelings of trust and connection. It reduces stress level and increases you and your partner’s self-esteem. Lastly, passion helps relationships by making couples more tolerant of each other.

Know Your Partner’s Love Language

Everyone wants to feel loved by their partner and wants their partner to feel loved by them. The struggle for most couples is that they are not familiar with their partner’s love language. The miscommunication does not come from both not having good intentions, but each person speaks a different language in expressing their love.

To avoid these miscues, it is best to identify your significant other’s love language and discuss them with each other. If you do not know what is yours, ask yourself what it is that you mainly demand from your loved one. What you typically request is the thing that makes you feel most loved.

In case you want to know, here is a person’s possible love language; receiving gifts, quality time, acts of service, physical touch, and words of affirmation. Before knowing other people’s language, it is also best if you get to familiarize yourself with yours first.

Respect Personal Space And Time

Some couples believe that one of the most crucial things that keeps a good relationship is personal space. They say that having enough privacy and space in a relationship is essential as having a good sex life. It is also best for people to have their own set of friends, time for self and own interest outside their relationships – it makes them less bored and happier.

Couples need personal space in a relationship to avoid suffocating each other. Spending time apart is definitely a great way to keep a relationship healthy. It allows a person to keep their own identity while being a couple at the same time. It also builds strength and independence instead of clinginess and neediness.

Avoid Criticism

Nothing can take down a relationship faster than constant negativity. Whether you turn your back when your partner is talking or nag, these unfriendly actions destroy your sense of togetherness. If you want to keep a more open and less negative relationship, try to be more aware of how much you criticize your spouse and attempt to lessen it.

Focusing on the positive in your relationship does not mean that you should ignore some issues. It is just that it has to be dealt with in an environment that is filled with positive exchanges and feelings. You also need to make sure that your partner’s perspective is as valid as yours.

Listen To Each Other

It is easy to hang on to your lover’s every word during the honeymoon and courtship phase. But, when a couple has been together for a long time, it is almost normal to become less attentive. Listening demonstrates caring, respect and strengthens one’s relationship.

To truly listen to your partner, you must put aside your own needs and agenda and give your undivided attention. For some, uninterrupted speaking is like a release. Allowing your hurting partner to share their thoughts is like releasing steam from a pressure cooker. Other people may find it easy, but others need to practice and learn thoughtful listening skills.


At this time, when presents are what’s on everyone’s mind, it is the perfect opportunity to transform your relationship from great to greater by expressing your love and admiration to your lover through intangible things.