Keep Calm: 11 Things Residents of Megapolis Lack for Happiness and Well-Being

Everyone wants to be happy, and this is quite normal. However, the residents of megapolis often do not feel happy, and there are certain reasons for this.

How Is Happiness Related to Wellbeing?

So, life in the city is quite difficult, but few people are ready to give up everything and change their place of residence for a more environmentally friendly and healthy one. Therefore, you need to learn to stay calm, take care of yourself and your well-being. The material below will help you with this.

Why People Are Not Happy: Stable Daily Routine

Residents of the megalopolis are constantly in a hurry somewhere. The city dictates its own rhythm. You need to do everything. But traffic congestion, sudden work tasks, and other urgent matters knock down the regime, which is important for the healthy functioning of the body. This applies not only to sleep – you need to observe the time of meals, correctly distribute the load during the day, and alternate work and rest. A properly constructed daily routine helps the physiological systems to tune in to certain activities in advance and perform them more efficiently. As a result, your productivity increases without overwork.

Healthy Food and Balanced Menu

Food is the main source of vitamins and minerals that support our bodies. The condition of the skin, hair, the work of internal organs, and human energy level depend on it. It is important not only to eat healthy foods but also to ensure that the diet is varied and balanced at the same time. It’s not easy to do it yourself. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a specialist.


In big cities, there is always a high level of noise pollution: conversations, advertisements for promoters, the roar of the subway, the roar of cars and airplanes, etc. For residents of megalopolises, noise becomes a familiar background.

However, the level of life satisfaction decreases. Experts consider noise pollution to be one of the most serious environmental problems. Noise over 50 decibels negatively affects memory and sleep, leads to increased fatigue, decreased productivity, physical and nervous diseases.

Interesting Activity

We should note that life in the city is not only difficult but also interesting. You can find many activities and have a great time. Dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, etc. – all this affects the quality of life satisfaction. You can just watch your favorite movies and enjoy them. As it was already noted above, the online vpn browser can access any content you need. The use of fast free vpn is very beneficial and reliable today.

Fresh Air

Due to the lack of oxygen, all processes in the body slow down, and a breakdown appears. Fresh air improves the functioning of the nervous, digestive and cardiovascular systems, activates the brain, and even improves mood. Scientists at Stanford University have shown that walking for an hour and a half in the fresh air reduces the activity of the area of the brain that is responsible for negative emotions.


Drinking Water

Residents of megalopolises are forced to buy bottled water or install an expensive multi-stage filtration system to drink fresh water without impurities, metals, and other elements. This is important because subjective well-being depends on the quality of water and the maintenance of fluid balance in the human body.


The sun is responsible for the production of vitamin D, which is vital for humans. Vitamin D maintains strong bones, affects the condition of the skin and hair, vision, immunity, and reproductive function, and is involved in the regulation of heart rate and blood pressure. In addition, vitamin D reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and helps protect against acute respiratory diseases.

Physical Activity

Lack of physical activity negatively affects the overall health of the body. It contributes to the development of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, institute, etc. Everyone knows that it is necessary and important to go in for sports, but there is not always enough time and energy for this. Therefore, it is important to choose the best activities for yourself.

You can do any sport that you are comfortable with. It does not have to be a difficult physical activity daily. Choose something that appeals to you. It can be hiking, kayaking, or biking. In addition to physical activity, such sports allow you to breathe the fresh air and enjoy your favorite city.


Neighborhood with Nature

Communication with nature is necessary for the full-fledged mental development and functioning of a person. Different forms of interaction with the world of plants have a beneficial effect both on the subjective well-being of a person. In addition, scientists note that childhood spent near nature further reduces the risk of developing mental disorders.

Calm and Relaxation

Chronic stress is a common problem in big cities. Moreover, the townspeople experience several types of stress at once – environmental (from the negative impact of the environment) and social (from an excess of events, overpopulation, loneliness). Stress causes sleep problems and disrupts the body’s biorhythms, which synchronize the work of all systems and organs. The list of consequences of such desynchronization is extensive – from accelerated aging to the development of various diseases. One way to deal with urban stress is to slow down the pace of your life. Of course, this is difficult to do while staying in a metropolis.

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Time to Take Care of Yourself

Day of the city dweller is an endless string of tasks that had to be completed yesterday. In such a rhythm, health care often fades into the background. When you understand that your strength is running out, it is better to leave the city and go to a calm place.

We hope in this article you have received an answer to the question “Why is wellbeing important in life?” and how to ensure it. Put the advice you receive into practice, and your life satisfaction will surely increase.