JK Rowling Released Harry Potter At Home and It’s As Magical As We Thought

The COVID-19 lockdown is leaving a lot of people bored at home but J.K. Rowling is helping them use their imagination to transport them to a wonderful place. The brilliant author and mastermind behind the Harry Potter book series has launched an online hub called Harry Potter at Home and it is filled with Potter-themed entertainment.

Rowling is casting “a banishing charm on boredom” by offering articles, quizzes, puzzles, craft videos, and contributions from Scholastic and Bloomsbury. You can join up to make a scrapbook, engage in a Harry Potter Wordsearch, take a Feasts and Treats Quiz, and discover your Hogwarts House.

Rowling announced the launch of the site via Tweet on Wednesday. “Parents, teachers, and carers working to keep children amused and interested while we’re on lockdown might need a bit of magic so I’m delighted to launch http://harrypotterathome.com,” she tweeted.

The site will be constantly updated to bring users new content and you don’t need to be a Harry Potter fan to appreciate the site. There are activities everyone can enjoy.

Photo Credit: Warner Brothers

The website is not the only way Rowling and her team will be bringing education and entertainment to the masses during the lockdown. They have also announced a special open license for teachers to read all seven Harry Potter books aloud to their students in virtual, read-along sessions on video. This will give teachers the opportunity to share the books with their pupils in a personal, online format.

The coronavirus scare is giving us all a depressing dose of reality. Fortunately, J.K Rowling is providing us with a wonderful outlet for escape. Check out the Harry Potter at Home website for yourself or with your children for an amazing experience that is sure to transport you to a happier time and place.


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