Is GamStop Just for UK Players?

Modern-day technological advancement has ushered an era where everything we need is a finger tap away. It is the devices we use that are in control of our temptations and not us anymore. In the UK gambling is considered one of the most popular forms of entertainment, be it on horse races or on online wagering sites. Previously all sorts of gambling were illegal in the United Kingdom but later in the 1960s after the Betting and Gaming Act of 1960, it was legalized and with the rise of the Internet era, online casino providers made it easiest to get access to betting. 

GamStop in cooperation with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission

Surveys done all over the UK proved beyond doubt that Britons are at risk of losing their resources considering the percentage of the population is spending their money on gambling. This threat to the population called for some drastic measures by the government of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission to have situations under check. The addictive nature of human beings as well as the easy access to satiate such temptations required a scheme that could provide a self-imposed barrier between the user and their devices in order to prevent online gambling. 

About GamStop

GamStop was initially introduced in 2018 by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Since it was introduced as a gesture to serve the needs of citizens it was kept free from all charges. As an independent non-profit organization, GamStop hinders customer’s access to online wagering sites. GamStop is only applicable while accessing sites that are licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. There are plenty of well-known online wagering sites that are not on GamStop since they are license holders of popular offshore license providers such as “Malta Gaming Authority”, “Gambling Commission of Great Britain” and “Government of Gibraltar”. 

GamStop is exclusive to UK citizens with the power to ban sites that are registered under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. UK based and non-UK based new betting sites that are not on GamStop listed on for online wagering with services that are equally up to the mark of excellence. These sites offer just the right blend of gaming options ranging from Slots, Baccarat, Roulette, Poker, Bingo, etc along with exclusive features such as VIP Clubs, Live Dealers, etc. Not to mention, they offer the best in class bonuses, free spins, multipliers, promotional rewards without compromising on security and customer care.

GamStop Target Audience

GamStop helps in imposing restrictions on online wagering activities for users facing problems with addiction issues. It was initially intended for people who wanted to overcome the temptation of gambling but could not due to its easy accessibility. It allows gamblers to choose a minimum period of exclusion according to their wish and makes sure they are not given any access to the sites registered under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission throughout the time until that time span reaches its maturity span after which they can either continue to be under a ban or choose to terminate it. Punters can choose between an exclusion period of six months to a year or even up to five years according to their will.  

Features of GamStop that need to be mentioned

  • GamStop has to be the primary approach for anyone living in the United Kingdom trying to get over the gambling addiction. Though only GamStop is not sufficient in order to completely eradicate the urge, it can be considered as one of the steps towards an addiction-free gambling experience. 
  • Since it has been a step towards public welfare, it was made absolutely free of subscription charges and hence users should definitely consider GamStop. 
  • In spite of not being 100% efficient since it has no control over casinos with offshore licenses, it has power over the ones with affiliation from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. 
  • The registration at GamStop is a very simple and hassle-free process. 
  • Using GamStop won’t require users to block individual sites and instead, it collectively blocks the sites from the accessible devices around the user. 


Although GamStop is yet to reach its true potential because of the limitations, it is getting effective through the years, and by updating their policies they are attracting organizations to team up with them that is strengthening the foundation of GamStop. Moreover, such steps can be considered essential in order to curb the risk of citizens losing their assets. Any addiction within a population can be regarded as a slow epidemic and hence the services provided by GamStop, although limited to local sites, are regarded as a correct step taken by the government.