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Suppose you wish to explore the finer side of the game, reserve an Indianapolis Colts VIP box and experience the whole event like a star. You’ll get exclusive access to premium perks and amenities as you watch the game in your own private seating area. These luxury suites offer the ultimate experience for anyone looking for a five-star treatment. You can enjoy with your friends and family at an exciting and enjoy perks like in-suite catering and premium access. Indianapolis Colts suites are designed to make you feel special with all the fascinating privileges that pamper you. Make sure that you grab the opportunity to feel special with these amazing suite tickets and create a memory that will last a lifetime. 

How To Buy Indianapolis Colts Suites & Boxes

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An Indianapolis Colts VIP box offers an amazing and spectacular way to watch a game. So, don’t hesitate to grab a ticket for a mind-blowing experience. You’ll surely be hyped up with an interesting game by the Colts if you watch them surrounded by luxurious perks and amenities. Established in 1953 as the Baltimore Colts, the Indianapolis Colts are a professional football team based in Indianapolis. The team belongs to the AFC South Division and also hosts the NFL Scouting Combine. Before moving to their current home venue at Lucas Oil Stadium in 2008, the team played their home games at the Memorial Stadium from 1953 to 1983 and then the RCA Dome from 1894 to 2007.

If you want to experience the best of a Colts game, securing Indianapolis Colts VIP Club seats will be a great decision. There is a reason why Indianapolis Colts suites are very popular with fans looking for a special experience. This is because of the exclusive perks and amenities that elevate the overall experience. Luxury suites are more than just privacy and the best angles. You’ll be able to enjoy perks like private restrooms, VIP club access, in-suite catering, and an in-seat attendant. VIP parking and VIP event entrance are also some common amenities that you’ll receive with a suite ticket. 

You’ll get plenty of Indianapolis Colts VIP box options at Lucas Oil Stadium. The venue boasts 139 executive suites. This multi-purpose stadium was built as a replacement for the RCA Dome and has been the home venue of the Colts since its opening in 2008. The venue lies at 500 South Capitol Avenue in downtown Indianapolis. It comes with a seating capacity of 67000 people for football games. The stadium hosts a variety of events throughout the year. If you wish to catch a game at the venue, be smart in booking Indianapolis Colts suites. These private suites are relatively very limited in availability. Their exclusivity puts them in high demand, and they have a reputation for selling out quickly. So, don’t hesitate to get the tickets to these special suites for a magnificent experience.

There are four different Indianapolis Colts suites at Lucas Oil Stadium to watch a game by the Colts. The Mini Suite, just as its name suggests, is an intimate suite with a capacity to host 8 guests with available catering. You’ll find these suites on both the Sharp Business Systems Suite level and the Loge Level. Although these are mini versions of regular-sized suites, they come with similar amenities. They offer perks like in-suite catering, bar/kitchenette, and 2 VIP parking passes. The Field Suite comes with 21 tickets and 5 VIP parking passes and is inclusive of catering. The capacity is expandable to hold up to 31 guests. These suites are perfect options for those who want to witness the game in proximity. They lie right behind the South end zone and provide the closest views to the action on the field. With this Indianapolis Colts VIP box, you’ll also get access to all the lounges and suite levels at the venue. 

The Loge Suite is another interesting Indianapolis Colts VIP box option that comes with a capacity to fit 19 to 21 guests. They come with an option to buy 10 additional tickets. These private seating options lie above the 400-level seating areas on each sideline on the Everstream Suite Level. The suites feature a mixture of stadium-style seats, barstool seating, lounge chairs, and a private suite bar/kitchenette. The Lower Suite also has a similar capacity to the Loge Suites and comes with 19 to 21 tickets. Both these suites come with 5 VIP parking passes and catering options. The Lower Suites encircle three sides of the stadium on the Sharp Business Systems Suite Level. They feature perks like private entry and exclusive club access. 

Over the years, the Indianapolis Colts have formed rivalries with several NFL teams and always deliver hot action whenever they come head to head with their rival teams. They have heated rivalries with teams like the New England Patriots, New York Giants, New York Jets, and Miami Dolphins. The Colts are quite successful when it comes to championship titles. They are the winners of 5 league championships, 7 conference championships, and 16 division championships. They also scored 29 playoff appearances. Many interesting games are scheduled for the season. If you’re a football fan, you don’t want to miss exciting games played between the Colts and other teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, Tennessee Titans, and Philadelphia Eagles, among others. Indianapolis Colts suites offer the best experience while watching a game. Make sure you secure them in advance before they sell out. 

Indianapolis Colts Suites & VIP Box Prices And Details 

How Much Do Indianapolis Colts Suites & VIP Box Cost?  

Indianapolis Colts VIP boxes & suites have different price ranges based on factors like the opponents, the day and time of the game, and more. You can expect to pay between $11000 to $29999 for a luxury suite. You’ll also find individual tickets to shared suites at the cost of $154 to $799.

How Many Guests Can Fit In A Indianapolis Colts Suite & VIP Box? 

If you’re interested in booking an Indianapolis Colts VIP box or suite, you have four options to choose from to fit your group size. The Mini Suite comes with 8 tickets, and the Field Suite comes with 21 tickets. Both the Loge Suite and the Lower Suite include 19 to 21 tickets each.