In a Bear Market Invest in These 5 Cryptos

Cryptocurrency gained huge popularity from 2009 onward. Bitcoin, the first crypto in the investment market, made heads turn from all sides. The token became an instant hit amongst investors who were looking to make easy money. 

Bitcoin along with price volatility made investors gain major profits. The price of tokens went up to $65k in 2010. This is the highest price ever recorded by any crypto token. As we speak, there are more than 15k+ crypto tokens. Each of these tokens provides various benefits as compared to its peers in the market. Also, all cryptocurrency tokens work on blockchain technology. It has become another revolution in the investment market. Today, many major banking and financial institutions are making their investments in blockchain. Technology has made financial transactions easier making it the best option. Also, with blockchain technology, it has become much easier to complete financial transactions. A classic example of this investment is the recent war between Ukraine and Russia. Philanthropists were able to raise more than $100 million in funding through crypto donations. In a normal scenario, such transactions would have taken more than three days to complete. You can enhance your trading strategies at 

Understanding crypto bearish market

To put it in simple words, a bear market is a market condition wherein the prices of assets continue to decline. The decline may happen in a month or over a while. When the prices of assets fall beyond 20% of the original price, then you may assume it is a bear market. A crypto bear market is also known as the crypto winter market. The decline in prices may also result in certain tokens being wiped out completely. Additionally, certain tokens may also find it difficult to raise additional investments. This is another example or condition of the bear market. 

When does the crypto bear market start? The answer to this question is very simple. A bear market starts when there is an imbalance between the demand and supply of the market. There is also fear and uncertainty that creeps into the minds of every investor. This fear negatively impacts investors. Hence, the panicking investors pull their funds from the investment world. This creates a huge supply of tokens in the global market. Whereas due to low prices and attached volatility, investors are not funding these available tokens. 

Let us look at 05 tokens that you may consider for investment in the bearish market condition. 


The latest addition in the meme coin market. The token is currently running a pre-sale and is the best token to consider. The developers are also looking at opportunities to provide utility to meme tokens. This token also has a play and earn policy enabling players to earn Tamadoge NFTs. The person who tops the list will earn prizes at the end of each month. 

Battle Infinity

If you are a fantasy sports lover, then Battle Infinity is your best bet for investment. The token is another option that you may consider for investment during a bear market. The token makes use of a decentralised platform. It allows players to earn rewards by playing and earning. The monetary rewards after every game are paid using crypto tokens. Battle Infinity is a multi-utility token that allows users to swap their token with another. The developers have also launched their pre-sale through their website. The price of this token is low making it affordable for anyone interested in investing. Also, the pre-sale is expected to last for 90 days enabling maximum investors during this period. 

Lucky Block

Lucky Block is an investment token used for participation in online lottery gaming. Investors have the opportunity to earn through drawings. Investors can also earn rewards by holding the tokens in their custody. The native token LBLOCK in the blockchain was released in early 2022 this year. The token provided its users with more than 1000% returns. And all this happened in less than 2 weeks. 


Now, Bitcoin is not a relatively new token in the market. The token has survived a decade in the crypto market. Also, the token has seen major ups and downs as well. During this year’s market crash the price of tokens came down to $10k per token. Right now Bitcoin is an affordable token.


Following Bitcoin, this is another crypto token for your consideration. The token has gained massive attention for its scalability and flexibility.