I Need a Wrongful Termination Attorney. How to Find One?

When an employee gets released for an illegitimate reason, it is wrongful termination. Racism, religion, national origin, sex (especially pregnancy), sexual harassment, and marital status are the most frequent causes of illegal termination. Generally, this type of discrimination is referred as “disparate treatment”. Disparate treatment commonly occurs when hiring or promoting applicants who have comparable credentials yet varied protected features. The protected attribute might sometimes be overt, such as sex or ethnicity, or it can be subtle, like personality traits or manner. In such cases, a Massachusetts wrongful termination attorney can help you get over the legal headaches. 

Locating a Lawyer for Wrongful Termination

It’s critical to obtain legal assistance as quickly as possible if you think your termination was unfair. It can be difficult to select the right attorney to handle your wrongful termination case when it involves pregnancy or handicap discrimination. Here are a few methods you might employ to pick the best wrongful termination lawyer.

#1. Request referrals from friends and family

You might not know an individual who has filed a claim for wrongful termination, but you could know a person who has in the past sought legal counsel for another matter. Inquire whether they can suggest a lawyer to you. Inquire about the length of time it took the lawyer to settle the case and the nature of the attorney-client interaction.

#2. Study online testimonials

People can write anonymous ratings of attorneys and law offices on online review websites. These can, however, be easily used against you by a single bitter rival or ex-client. Furthermore, dishonest lawyers can easily delete away critical remarks. If the attorney you’re thinking about hiring has been the subject of complaints, you can look them up on the better websites.

#3. Find the State Bar Association in your state

Every state has a local chapter of the State Bar Association. It offers details about its members, sanctions applied on their behalf, fee schedules, etc. To find wrongful termination attorneys in your location, you can consider contacting the state bar organization.

#4. In a case of wrongful termination, consider an expertise 

Numerous wrongful termination lawsuits contain complicated issues, particularly when they entail pregnancy discrimination, mental or physical disability discrimination, or a breach of an employment contract. The majority of wrongful termination attorneys focus on these cases. Hence, you get superior support and care at lesser costs. If this is true in your situation, you ought to begin searching for an attorney that focuses on wrongful termination claims stemming from particular discrimination.