How To Watch Movies Online Without Spending Money?

In a cinema, this holiday one had their opening times and long lines of customers to watch a movie. Because with only a good internet one can watch movies online. These services that provide video-on-demand right at one’s home are called streaming services. They can be both free or paid. They are the future of movie-watching.

The reason for Cinemas’ lower viewing

The cinema has certain limitations that have led to a decline in its viewing. These limitations are as follows:

 One movie at a time

If you enter a cinema have to stand in long queues, especially during the holiday season, and only see the one movie that is now available in the cinema at that time of the year. So, if one wants to watch an old holiday season movie, they have to spend a lot of time and money to reach another place and they might find out they are closed. This will ultimately ruin that day of one’s holiday.

The Time of travel and money

During the holiday season when winter has arrived everybody wants a hot coffee and stays at home with their loved ones. But to see a movie at the cinema they had to spend time to reach the cinema, time that could have been spent brewing a hot chocolate for their loved ones. Outside the comfort of their homes.

The money spent in a cinema is also pretty big as other than spending on tickets one would be spending on popcorn and soda.

These two setbacks led to a decline in the number of people watching the cinema. As a result, a total of 1.8 billion people (in 2021) is using these streaming services with free seriesto watch movies online because these services improve upon these two setbacks by providing movies in the comfort of their homes, at much lower prices and thousands of movies to watch from.

Why do we see an increase in streaming services?

Other than improving the above-mentioned points the companies provided three important things that led to their popularity:

  1. Internet and mobile devices

The thing that led to these services that allow one to watch movies here is the advent of the internet which has helped people access things like online video to their devices that weren’t originally there. 

Another thing is that as devices such as smartphones and laptops become available in nearly all various houses and people, it’s pretty easy to access these services and one would not need an expert to get started, which was the case with cable TVs.

  1. Watching any time 

With the cinema, another biggest problem is that one cannot watch old movies or even new art movies anytime they want as they are shown in limited cinemas. But with streaming services, this is not the case as one can just watch movies online without waiting a particular time, they can even download them and watch them at the time that they found suitable.

  1. Cinema across countries

Exploring cinema from different countries is a must if one is a movie buff, while one wouldn’t see a movie of Park Chan or a Gasper Noé film in any cinema near them one can access these movies for a pretty low cost (even free). These foreign movies let one see the world beyond their regions.

  1. Separate money for movies and Tv shows

Even if one rents a movie, they have to buy a separate cable Tv subscription to see shows that are loaded with advertisements. This is not the case as one would only have to buy one subscription and they get to see a wide variety of movies and shows without spending separate money for each.

What is the cost of a streaming service?

On average it costs around $6.6 for a subscription service while a single visit to see a single movie will cost the person (excluding the cost of beverage and popcorn) $11. This is significantly higher than the cost required to watch movies online with the advantage of having access to multiple good movies for the same cost.

There are streaming services that are completely free of cost and won’t cause one a single penny to watch any movie they like.

Unpaid streaming services

One has certainly heard the names of various paid services one can also use free streaming that is even better than some of the paid services.

These streaming services are getting paid by adding minimum ads to the movies. These ads are significantly longer, appear very less compared to Cable Tv and one would have the option to skip them.

These are often significantly better in the following terms:

  1. No money

They require the person to spend no money to watch movies online, all one would need is an internet connection. No matter which genre or country one is watching.

  1. A bigger collection of movies

One advantage one would get while they watch movies online on these free streaming services is that one would have access to a bigger collection of movies than paid subscription services. One can find obscure movies like Pather Panchali by Satyajit Ray or French new-wave cinema directors on these platforms.

These advantages make them a clear winner when choosing a streaming service for oneself.

How to watch movies online on these platforms?

The platforms are easy to get started with as they don’t require one to pay anything one would find minimum or no steps to get started. These steps are as follows:

  1. Visit the website or app provided by them.
  2. Log in with the help of Gmail.
  3. Create a username and password.
  4. They should be remembered as they would be helpful later when one wants to log in.

Some apps don’t require the user to log in; one can get started without giving anything away. 

So, this holiday season, log in and watch movies online with your loved one sipping hot chocolate. If you face any problem contact their 24-hour customer service.