How to Throw a Surprise 18th Birthday Party

Everyone’s 18th birthday is an important milestone, so it’s vital to mark it in the right way. If there’s someone special in your life who deserves to feel amazing on their birthday, a surprise party is the ideal way to make them feel like a million bucks. 

Before deciding on throwing a surprise event for the teenage in your life, make sure that your loved one is the type of person who would like it. Some people are simply too shy or prefer being in control of any occasions which involve them. 

It’s difficult to pull off the whole event while making sure they won’t find out, so follow our tips below to learn how to throw the ultimate surprise 18th birthday party.

Pick a date and venue

Choose a date which is most likely to work and then make sure the venue has that date available. When selecting the ideal location, pick somewhere that suits the guest of honour’s personality. For example, a sports bar may be perfect for someone football mad, but it’s probably not going to work for a shy bookworm. 

If possible, it’s best to select somewhere they often go. That way, it’s not as suspicious when you ask them to make their way there. 

On the day itself, people should be asked to arrive an hour early to be sure everyone is gathered in time for the birthday person’s arrival.  

Decide on a theme

Decide whether you’re having a themed party. If you are, pick decorations and invitations that match to really create an atmosphere and keep them in a place that the guest of honour won’t stumble across. Be sure to send invitations in good time to make sure as many invitees as possible can attend.

To go the extra mile in creating a cohesive theme, buy an 18th birthday card with a design of a similar style for maximum impact.

Plan entertainment

Entertainment is crucial to creating a fun vibe for an 18th birthday party. Set up a Spotify playlist with their favourite tracks or hire a band in a genre they love.

If you prefer something more interactive, hire a DJ or a magician, so long as you know the guest of honour would enjoy it. 

Organise food

It’s important to consider how you’ll provide food at the event. This is simple when booking a restaurant, as each guest is usually responsible for covering their own meal. 

However, whether you’re hosting at your home or a more obscure venue, catering can be very expensive. To stick to a strict budget, ask people to contribute to the overall cost of the event. For more informal gatherings or venues giving permission to bring your own cuisine, you could request that guests bring some drinks or plates of food for a buffet