How To Stream Just Add Magic TV Series?

Just Add Magic is an American family TV show based on Cindy Callaghan’s book of the same name. Amazon Studios produced it in 2015. IMDb rates this show 8.3/10.

It is the story of three friends, Hannah Parker-Kent, Darbie O’Brien, and Kelly Quinn. They find a mysterious cookbook that takes all of them on a historical adventure.

I’ll tell you more about this TV series later, but first, let me tell you about the ways you can stream this TV series.

Best Ways To Stream Just Add Magic TV Series

Just Add Magic TV series is officially available on Prime Video, and you can stream it by subscribing to Amazon Prime. You can stream it on a smartphone, smart TV, and traditional TV by using a Firestick.

A Firestick also gives more options to stream TV shows, movies, and more. You can stream content in HD quality for free. You have to jailbreak a Firestick, a process of allowing the installation of third-party apps to your Firestick.

After jailbreaking it, you can install apps and add-ons to stream content for free. The best part is that you don’t need many FireStick apps to stream your favorite TV shows and movies. You can also use apps like Express VPN, which unlocks geo-restricted content for you.

A Firestick is a decent option because it allows you to stream content on a larger screen, even if you only have a traditional TV. It is a wireless device that is easy to connect and carry.

The plot of Just Add Magic

As mentioned above, it is a story about three best friends and their historical adventures. They find weirdly-named recipes like Hazelnut Healing Tart inside the cooking book they found. These recipes also require weird ingredients like Taurian thyme and Cedronian Vanilla.

After reading about the ingredients and cooking recipes, three best friends visit Mama P’s shop to get all ingredients. She reveals that she has fruitful information about the ingredients they will be using, so the girls guess she knows about magic.

Hannah, Darbie, and Kelly dive deeply into magic recipes and decide to spell and face the temptations of using them because they would overcome everyday challenges.

As the story continues, they discover that Kelly’s neighbor has connections to magic. After that, the girls recognized they had a big responsibility as they were the protectors of the mysterious cookbook.

There were other protectors of this book earlier. 

Kelly had one primary goal finding the magical recipe to cure her grandmother’s mysterious illness. After working together, these friends figure out that Kelly’s grandma is under a curse. As the story continues, they keep trying different recipes and finding more about all curses.

Little Summary About All Episodes

Episode 1: Just Add Magic

In the first episode, Kelly Quinn and others find her grandmother’s mysterious cookbook and find out some extraordinary recipes. They try two spells, one of which silences Kelly’s little brother, and the other heals Darbie’s injured knee. It was at that moment that they knew they had magic.

Episode 2: Just Add Brains

Girls were unsure about the book’s cipher and decided to try a brain-boosting recipe. It worked, and they deciphered the book’s clues effortlessly after that. They also learned that there was a thing about being too smart for your good.

Episode 3: Just Add Dogs

This episode was about finding a lost dog. The girls cast a Lost and Found spell and found everything lost in their neighborhood. After that, three missing pages from the magic book float into Kelly’s bedroom. The episode ends with Mama P’s failed attempt to cross the town border.

Episode 4: Just Add Mom

In this episode, the girls try to get Mama P to disclose past secrets. They bake a Bitter Truth Truffle, but their plan fails miserably when Terri accidentally eats one Truffle. Kelly spent the entire day with her mom while Darbie and Hannah struggled to find a cure to break Terri’s spell.

Episode 5: Just Add Jake

This episode was about convincing Jake that the magic was real. Three friends cook three mystery spells and ask him to try them. The unexpected downsides sadly jeopardize Hannah’s chance to win a fundraising event.

Episode 6: Just Add Birthdays

Kelly and Hannah forget Darbie’s birthday and plan a surprise sugary feast. However, a magical mistake ruins their celebration, and now Darbie must sneak into one of the scariest places to undo the magic

Some other decent episodes of this season were, Just added mama, besties, add do-overs, memories, and more. All of these were related to the book, spells, and cures. 

Wrapping Up

In this article, I told you about the best ways to stream this TV series and other series and shows. You will not get bored with this TV series as every new episode gives you something more than the previous one.