How to Self-Exclude from Land-Based UK Casinos

Self-exclusion is among the most effective responsible gaming tools available. In most cases, players can ask to be excluded from all gambling activities for six to twelve months or even up to 5 years. For online gamblers, self exclusion is a click away on Gamstop whereas for land-based casinos there is an extra step to take.

cAccording to, a top online casino guide players should have the right tools to enable responsible gaming. If you have any concerns about the time and money you are spending in betting shops and casinos, here is a guide on how to self-exclude. 

Self-exclusion from betting shops

All licensed gambling businesses are required to have self-exclusion arrangements with multiple operators. This service should be available to all players who wish to self-exclude from their premise. 

For a player to start self-exclusion from betting shops they have to visit the betting shop and talk to the shop manager or staff and enquire about a self-exclusion plan.

You will need to provide certain details to help verify your identity. Also, passport photos are required to help staff identify you when you are within the premises. In addition, register with Multi Operator Self Exclusion Scheme. This scheme shares your details with other nearby betting shops near your workplace or home where you might try to bet.

Self-exclusion from bingo venues

The Bingo Industry Self Exclusion Scheme is the body tasked with helping bingo lovers to self-exclude. To begin, players have to complete an online application form where they will have to provide a digital image. This can be done at their local bingo venue where staff members have been trained to help players undertake this.

For players who don’t wish to visit their local bingo club, then they can opt to telephone them. 

Self-exclusion from casinos

To exclude yourself from all land based casinos in the UK, SENSE is the ideal scheme. The Self Enrolment National Self Exclusion(SENSE) shares your information with all licensed casinos across the country. Details will also be shared with the land-based casinos marketing databases to deter them from sending any promotional emails. Registration can be done at any licensed casino in the UK or by email.

For email applications, players have to send a self-exclusion request, a filled application form, a photo and ID evidence.

Can self-exclusion from land-based casinos be lifted?

No, customers have to complete the self-exclusion period agreed upon when registering. Additionally, the minimum self-exclusion period is 6 months. The period can extend up to 12 months after which customers have to make a formal request to be removed from the scheme.

Is self-exclusion from UK land-based casinos effective?

The effectiveness of the program depends on the customer’s commitment to staying true to their pledge. However, most facilities will act with immediate effect once they spot you in their premises while on self-exclusion. To stay guarded, customers are requested to enroll in additional programs such as Gamblers Anonymous that will help them stand by their commitment. 

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