How to Plan a Road Trip

If you’re looking to cram as much entertainment and distraction as possible into a single holiday, then going for a road trip is surely worthwhile. You’ll be able to plan several stops in advance, and, if you pick the right road, you’ll be treated to some amazing visuals along the way, too. Aside from all their other advantages, road trips also tend to be much more affordable than overseas holidays – which means that you’ll be able to enjoy more of them, more often.

So, how do you get the best from a road trip? There are several factors to consider.

Planning the route

Arguably the most important piece of planning involves deciding where it is you’d like to drive. Ideally, you’ll write down a few places that you’d really like to visit and see if you can plot a route between them. Certain parts of the country, like North Wales, the Scottish Highlands, and the Yorkshire Dales, all lend themselves to spectacular driving.

Booking ahead

If you want to avoid disappointment, it makes to book ahead wherever possible. This goes especially for attractions with limited capacity. If booking ahead isn’t a possibility, then you might instead look into arriving at an off-peak time.


To get the best from your road trip, you’ll need to pack a few essential supplies. This should include the items you’ll need in the event of a breakdown, as well as toiletries and first-aid kits. If you find that you don’t have the capacity to take all your luggage, then you might look into leasing a larger vehicle. This way, you’ll be able to avoid putting in too many extra miles on your vehicle.

Preparing the vehicle

Road trips, understandably, involve putting your vehicle under prolonged strain. If you suffer a mechanical failure, then your break will be put on hold – and it might be that you need to cancel it altogether.

As such, it’s worth putting in a little bit of effort ahead of time to make sure that the car or van is up to scratch. That means checking all the lights, topping up all of the fluids, and re-inflating the tyres. If the tires are in a bad condition, then you should definitely buy new ones from a trusted seller like NeoTires

Planning the entertainment

Part of the fun of a road trip is having some in-car entertainment to create the right vibe for your trip. That means coming up with your own summer playlist, rather than relying on the one provided by Spotify. On the other hand, you might elect to listen to an audiobook, or to play a few classic in-car games.