How to Make Deodorant Last Longer: 5 Best Tips

Deodorants are a must if you want to smell fresh all day long. Unfortunately, if you have sweaty armpits or spend many hours outdoors, especially during summer, your deodorant may not last.

Even a natural deodorant meant to keep you odorless all day may not last if you’re out all day on a hot summer day. So, what can you do to make your deodorant last longer?

Find out from the below tips.

1. Shake Your Deodorant Before Use

The chemicals inside your aerosol spray or roll-on deodorant need to be thoroughly mixed to work effectively. Therefore, before using the deodorant, shake it for about two or three seconds.

After shaking it, hold the can a few inches from your skin and spray for at least two seconds if you’re using the aerosol spray deodorant.

If using the roll-on deodorant, roll it in 2 or 3 swipes on each armpit and wait for it to dry before wearing your clothes.

2. Use It on Your Skin

Deodorants should be used on the skin and not on your clothes. Deodorants are formulated to absorb sweat and will only work once absorbed by the skin. So, allow the deodorant to come into contact with your skin if you want it to last longer.

However, ensure you don’t use deodorant on a cut or freshly shaved skin, as it can irritate the skin or cause an infection.

3. Talcum Powder Can Help

One of the effective ways to make your stick deodorant last longer is to apply some baby powder after using it.

After applying your deodorant, pat some talcum or baby powder on the underarms. Talcum powder absorbs moisture and sweat under your arms, allowing the deodorant to last longer.

Baby powder is also great at masking odor and can work as a deodorant alternative for those with sensitive skin.

4. Keep Your Armpits Smooth

A simple fix that can help keep you smelling fresh all day is to keep your underarms free of hair. Hair makes it harder for air to pass through your armpits to the skin. Besides, unshaved hair also provides the perfect environment for germs and bacteria to thrive.

Shaving your underarms allows the deodorant to come into direct contact with the skin, which is the source of sweat and odor.

If you aren’t comfortable shaving your underarms, ensure you apply your deodorant on clean, dry armpits.

5. Wear the Right Clothes

Some clothes can contribute to body odor.

Wearing clothes made of synthetic fabrics or thick fibers will make it impossible for your skin to breathe, leading to sweaty skin. When choosing breathable fabrics, your first choice should be cotton as it’s also good at absorbing sweat

In addition, wear light clothes, especially during summer, as such clothes allow air to pass through, preventing the formation and accumulation of sweat.

In closing, deodorants help you smell fresh even during the hot season. If you find yourself dealing with body odor because your deodorant doesn’t last, don’t sweat it. The above tips will help your deodorant last longer, keeping you odor-free all day.

Photo by Ana Essentiels on Unsplash