How to Maintain a Good and Healthy Lifestyle in the New Year

If you are someone who was hoping to start fresh with a healthy journey in the new year but came up short due to unforeseen circumstances or a lack of discipline, it is never too late to give it another go. Making a big change to your routines and your lifestyle takes time – it is rare to successfully make your changes stick on the first attempt. 

This article will review some effective methods to make your new lifestyle go from daydreams to reality. We will cover everything from how to create a workout routine stick and effectively make dietary changes that feel natural and not overpowering. 

However, you must also give your body the best possible chances of success. Health comes in many different forms and there is no single solution to tackle this effectively. A good diet and exercise cover a lot of the groundwork needed to live a healthy life, but some supplements can help with this. On you can find some good examples of supplements for women’s health – but many of these supplements can also be taken by men. 

Starting out slow with workouts

One common mistake in a new health regime when it comes to working out is trying to do too much at once. Many people start out with a lot of strong motivation and regimented discipline. However, this motivation can quickly wane if it is overdone. Therefore, it is very important to start out slow when working out regularly, then slowly increasing the number of workouts. This is a great way of building up a regime that can be successful going forward.  

Find a form of workout that you enjoy

This is vital if you are looking to make your health journey into a habit over time. It is advisable to find a form of workout that you enjoy – or at least one that you can tolerate. For some people, this can be cycling, while others prefer lifting weights. Experiment with different options and see what works best for you. 

What about diets?

Working out will only get you so far on its own. Eating healthy and the right amount of food is absolutely paramount to start living a healthy lifestyle, and it is essential to start changing your diet as soon as possible. The most important thing is to eat the right amount of calories to suit your goals – and in a healthy manner. Tracking calories is a good way to figure out what works for your new health regime. 

Generally speaking, most health kicks involve an abundance of nutritious and healthy food; eating fast food and processed ingredients is a good way to gain weight, but it does not provide all of the necessary building blocks for a healthy lifestyle. However, just as with working out, routine and consistency is the key foundation for sustained success. It is crucial to give yourself the best tools to succeed over time, and not give yourself a hard time if you stray from your healthy diet every once in a while. 

Cheat days

Cheat days are, as the name suggests, a day or a meal where you allow yourself complete disregard of your diet and fitness regime. This is a good method to avoid being bored and fatigued of your diet while allowing yourself the reward of really good food. Although your new diet will change your life for the better, extreme discipline can have a risk of backfiring if you completely cut away all minor sources of joy and happiness. For example, allow yourself dessert or something good to drink occasionally when you are out eating with friends or family, or buy your favorite pastry on a lazy Friday night on the couch. As long as you eat healthy consistently over a longer period of time, you will still see results. 


As previously mentioned, there are several supplements that can be integrated into a healthy lifestyle to boost the resilience of your body effectively. Many supplements that are available in shops and online and are marketed towards fitness enthusiasts are often ineffective – but with some research, you can find some quality brands that can make a difference to your regime. It is advisable to take it slow and focus on cementing your routine and diet stick before spending money on supplements. Also, always read all labels and instructions that come with any supplements before purchasing, and consider asking for advice from your doctor. 

One example of effective supplements is probiotics – live bacteria and yeasts that are good for you – in particular your digestive system. Probiotics are very worthwhile, but require time and effort to research. For those looking to get into weight lifting, creatine, and protein powder can be something worth investing in for extra bodily support when turning fat into muscle.


Image Credit: Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash