How to Know the Right CBD Consumption Method for You

CBD products everywhere you look, from the grocery store to your local corner store. The expansion of access by regulatory agencies has created an incredible demand for all types of administration methods. As we learn more about how our bodies respond to CBD, it has become clear that some forms of CBD are more efficient than others.

We will break down the most popular ways to take CBD, looking at the methods that stood the test of time. While many types of CBD have been produced, only a tiny number emerged from the hype of the boom.

Types of CBD

The most popular form of Cannabidiol remains CBD oil. CBD oil is convenient, cost-effective, efficient, and has few side effects relative to other methods. Below are the different popular ways to take CBD.

  • Edibles: Gummies, desserts, drinks, tablets, gel caps
  • Topicals: Cream, lotion, skincare products, balms, salves
  • Smokable Flower
  • CBD vapes: Cartridges, disposable pens, CBD e-juice

Best Way to Consume CBD

The most effective way to take CBD is vaping or smokable flower; however, most CBD users prefer other methods that do not require inhaling hot smoke. CBD molecules in smoke travel from the vape or other smoking device into the lungs, which have a low blood barrier. As a result, CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream quickly and distributed throughout the body.

While smoking high CBD hemp and CBD vape are incredibly efficient, the process can cause substantial health problems. Therefore, we do not recommend smoking CBD to get your daily dose.

Best Way to Ingest CBD Edibles

Edible CBD is complicated. Some methods are much more efficient than others. When CBD is sent to the digestive system, the majority is wasted. The best way to make edibles is a method that can be dissolved in the mouth. Gummies are a great example. Before getting to the digestive tract, much of the CBD is absorbed sublingually in the mouth.

Methods such as CBD cookies, drink, or other swallowed foods will lose potency during the digestive process. Edibles can still be beneficial, but the user must accommodate for the loss of milligrams.  

Best Way to Use CBD Oil

The best way to take CBD oil is sublingual. Our mouths have mucosal glands under the tongue and along the cheeks that send CBD directly to the bloodstream. Therefore, CBD oil users should hold their oil under the tongue for as long as possible to get the best absorption rates.

CBD oil also contains a carrier oil with additional benefits. The most common are hemp seed oil and MCT oil. Both have various health benefits and have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. A CBD oil dose may seem small, but if you find a quality brand, the product is packed with cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, and nutrients.

We highly recommend taking CBD daily to get the best results. CBD builds up in your system and may not deliver any benefits after only one use. Try to use CBD at least once per day, every day, and observe the results. After consistent use, you can adjust your dosage to calibrate the optimal amount of CBD for your specific condition.  

Best Time of Day to Take CBD Oil

CBD morning or night? Many people ask us when the best time to take CBD. We refer them to a recent study in Colorado looking at CBD potential in helping combat sleep and mental health issues.

Participants who reported mental health as their primary concern were given a dose of CBD during the day, and participants who were more concerned with sleep took their amount right before bed. Your condition should dictate when you take CBD.

Featured Image Credit: Tamas Pap on Unsplash

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