How to Have the Right Mindset for a Juice Cleanse

Interested in doing a juice cleanse but feeling intimidated by the idea of it? You’re not alone. Juice cleanses are a challenge, and for many people, one of the most intense ways they’ve ever restricted themselves. But to reap the rewards, you’ll want to make it all the way through. And to do so, you may have to do a little preparation so you know what to expect and how to handle it. Here are just a few ways you can prepare your mind and body for a juice cleanse to ensure that at the end of the day, you’re really rooting for yourself. 

Get into an Alkaline State of Mind (and Body)

One of the best ways you can prepare for a juice cleanse, both mentally and physically, is to begin eating more alkaline foods and fewer (if any) acidic foods, just like you’ll be doing on the juice cleanse, about a week before you actually begin. 

If you’re wondering what that means, you’re not alone. You may recognize the word alkaline in relation to a pH scale, and if so, you’re right on the money. Just like vinegar and lemons, our bodies fall onto the pH scale, too, but unlike vinegar and lemons, our pH levels are affected constantly by what we consume. The human body’s pH is naturally just above 7, which is the line between alkaline and acidic, putting us slightly on the alkaline side. So fruits and vegetables, as you can probably guess by the message of this article, are the more alkaline foods, while processed foods, meats, and high-fat dairy products are more acidic. While it’s questionable whether or not you can actually influence your blood’s pH levels (you can definitely influence saliva and urine pH levels), you can at least get into the right mindset by altering your diet so it more closely matches the alkaline levels you’ll be consuming on your cleanse.

About a week before your cleanse, up your intake of fruits and veggies (though they can be solid, no need to juice them), and lower your intake of animal products, refined sugar, coffee, processed foods, dairy, and, of course, alcohol. The closer you can get to eliminating them, the better off you’ll be. If you can get yourself into that alkaline state of mind ahead of time, you’ll be on the right track heading into your juice cleanse. 

Know What to Expect

It’s important to do your research ahead of a juice cleanse, and not just into the juices you’ll be drinking. Rather, you’ll want to know how the temporary diet shift is going to make you feel. Plenty of juice cleanse veterans and juice cleanse blogs will report higher energy levels, better sleep, and even improved confidence from a cleanse. But if you’re hoping to reap the positive benefits, you should probably prepare for the negative side effects that some people experience, as well. 

Fluctuating energy levels. Drinking a juice might give you a quick boost (the lack of fiber allows your body to digest the juice and feel the effects faster), but you also could feel tired and even lethargic at times when your body is missing those other nutrients and full caloric intake it’s used to. Be prepared for the energy peaks and valleys, especially in the first day or two. 

  • Hunger. It seems obvious, but it may be easier than you think to underestimate how hungry you might get as your body adjusts to this new routine. Even when consuming juices on schedule, and even if you consume protein-boosted juices, your body is simply used to solid foods with more fats, carbs, and proteins than your daily allotment of juices will contain. There are times when you will feel very hungry. Know this, have some lemon water on hand, supplement with clear broths or water-filled vegetables (cucumber, celery) as needed, and just keep your eye on the prize. 
  • Mood Swings. We’re talking hangry, but up a notch. Going hand-in-hand with both hunger and tiredness are mood swings, and you should prepare yourself to experience them and know how to handle them. 
  • Cravings. If you haven’t already guessed, you’re going to experience some cravings. Your blood sugar will spike when you drink juice, so maybe it’s not sugar you’ll want, but you’re going to be missing out on a lot of your normal foods (bread, pasta, even just a hearty piece of meat), and you’re going to feel their absence and desire them more than ever as a result. 

Practice Positive Self Talk

If there’s one thing you’ll (hopefully) become familiar with as a result of your cleanse, it’s positive self talk, and starting early will only help you out when it’s time to hit the juices. Any of those voices in your head that are spewing negativity, saying you can’t do it, you’re not determined enough, or anything of the like – tell them goodbye, and kick them out. You’re going to need to be on your own team during a juice cleanse; you’re going to have to be your biggest fan and supporter. So as you prepare for your juice cleanse, practice ignoring any of those negative internal voices, and instead, focus on some positive affirmations. For any negative thought you have, counter it with a positive one. It’s a practice you can keep in your back pocket before, during, and hopefully long after your juice cleanse.

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