How to Handle Stress as a Business Person by Mavie Global

Being your boss is just one of many benefits of doing business yourself. You get to witness the realization of your ideas and desires. Additionally, you have complete control over how the business tracks. But what are the drawbacks of owning a small company? Everything that it entails in terms of stress. We at Mavie Global believe that learning how to manage stress is essential for small business owners.

Since most business owners operate as sole proprietors or with a small staff, stress management is crucial. As a result, if we burn out, our companies may eventually grow more slowly or lose speed, and when we’re not feeling well, neither can they. We also know that poor stress management leads to generally lower physical and mental health results; therefore, whether or not you own a business at Mavie Global, we believe this is an area that should be a significant priority for all of us.

Stress reduction should always be your priority if you want to remain sane and maintain your business and health. Because of this, it’s crucial to avoid feeling bad for taking a break or setting aside some “me” time.

Fortunately, many business stress management practices can assist reduce your work-related tension and worry. Give these strategies a try for quick stress alleviation.

How to Deal with Work-Related Stress

  • Appreciate the Positive

One of the first things we at Mavie Global tell our clients is that it’s equally as important to acknowledge success as it is to identify areas for improvement.

The most effective methods are those that capitalize on our inherent advantages. It’s helpful to take stock of the areas of coping in which we have more dynamic or active responses to stress (as opposed to disengaged responses), as this can guide our efforts to manage stress in other areas. At Marvie Global, we feel that the best place to start when developing a strategy to deal with stress is by utilizing the healthy routines that come more easily to each of us.

The ability to handle stress is greatly enhanced when focusing on the good aspects of their business. Taking stock of the positive helps you get perspective on the growth and transformation you’ve brought. One of the most acceptable ways to unwind is to feel like you’re making progress, no matter how incremental. Knowing you’re on a path and making progress toward your goals is encouraging.

When you know what’s working and what isn’t, you feel more in control of the sometimes chaotic world of running a business.

Thinking about the positive aspects of your company helps you remain in the here and now. Under pressure, your brain conveys that you can’t afford to let your guard down. Your mind is always filled with scenarios of what might go wrong, what might have gone wrong, and what you could do to fix it. The brain uses this mechanism to enforce habits and limit novelty. This is why it’s so important to end the vicious cycle of stress and poor coping mechanisms that keeps us trapped in the first place.

  • Put Your Time Priorities First.

The term “self-care” has gained popularity because people have realized how important it is to prioritize their well-being to maintain a positive mind. The best way to manage stress at work is to take care of yourself.

Because it’s simple to become lost in your work, it’s crucial to schedule regular “me time” to reconnect with the person you are apart from your career. Believe in yourself and your work again by giving yourself time to do something you enjoy or by spending time with people who support you. It would be best if you didn’t get so wrapped up in your business that you forget who you are; otherwise, your company could flounder.

It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race as a small business owner. You should schedule time for leisure activities like you schedule for work. Since most people are more productive after taking a short break, we advise customers to see their downtime in this light. A refreshed mind can absorb new knowledge and come up with original ideas.

  • Make a Timetable That Works

Planning constantly reduces the need to look for potential problems; therefore, the structure is crucial. Planning increases our sense of self-efficacy or confidence in our abilities to deal with challenges as they arise.

Having a schedule at work might help reduce stress because it provides stability and predictability in an otherwise unpredictable environment. If you have something you know will be challenging to complete, it’s best to accomplish it first thing in the morning. In addition, you will be satisfied with a job well done and have the confidence to handle whatever comes your way.

Your circadian rhythm, which governs factors like when you feel tired or invigorated and how it relates to your ability to concentrate, also benefits from routine.

Small business entrepreneurs frequently lament, “There aren’t enough hours in the day.

When we investigate this, we typically find that the issue is not a lack of time but a lack of a timetable. Marvie Global believes scheduling everything, especially free time, like playing, is essential.

  • Eliminate any Mental Clutter.

As a business person, you probably don’t get much of a break between the office and the living room. Your mind will never stop ruminating over your business and all the possible things you could be doing. There are times when you can’t get your mind off of work. Your mind is constantly active, even when trying to get some shut-eye.

Whenever my thoughts don’t stop racing, I write them down on paper. In a notebook, I plan to keep track of my issue, potential answers, and random thoughts. Although it may take some time, putting your ideas down on paper is always beneficial. Writing things down helps me unwind and get some shut-eye. My mind is at ease because I have hidden away all of my worries and concerns. Since I know that whatever I need to get done will be there when I return, I can take time off without worrying about forgetting anything important.

  • Please, Don’t Hesitate to Seek Assistance

If we put our pride aside and ask for assistance when we’re struggling as business owners, we’ll always find a way to lighten our loads. To ease the pressure, you may want to look into Business Funding to help you get through till the economy can get back on its feet after the lockdown. Access to additional funding for expansion, equipment maintenance, rent or rental fees, payment of salaries, or acquisition of stock can alleviate stress and prevent withdrawals from savings. You can create an online store, hire additional employees, improve your website, grow your business, or even franchise if you have access to working capital.


At Mavie Global, we think it’s crucial to remember the original vision behind your business.

This is the most stressful job in the world, but if you run your own company, you get to decide how you get the job done, which is a huge stress reliever.

Learning to control your stress is beneficial not just to you personally but also to your business. If management doesn’t practice what it preaches regarding stress reduction and work-life balance, employees are more likely to become ill at work and produce less. The Wellness Council of America claims improved morale, fewer sick days, lower turnover, and more favorable business culture can all be attributed to stress management programs. If you want to know more about starting a business, you can find relevant information at