How to Get a UAE Golden Visa: Step-by-Step Guide

Life in an atmosphere of new technology, the luxury of the highest buildings in the world, and plenty of entertainment – this is what awaits everyone in the country of oil tycoons. But this is not all the features; a high standard of living is present in the seven emirates and guarantees a prosperous future to foreigners seeking to settle in the wealthiest power. There are several ways to achieve the desired. Let’s consider the most popular method of them. To enjoy all the benefits inherent in the country and receive the rights of total Arab residents, you must order a visa for a unique program. We will now tell you what kind of program it is and who can apply for a residence permit.

Understanding the UAE Golden Visa

The Emirates Investor and Talent Card is a visa issued to entrepreneurs, professionals, and talented people who can benefit the economy. It confers the right to reside and work, access to the health system, education, and cultural activities. A gold visa is more attractive and convenient than an ordinary work visa.

UAE Golden Visa implies a document that gives the right to stay in the territory for 5 to 10 years. After the expiry of the term, it can be extended for the same period. Under the program, investors can get a residence permit in exchange for one or more properties worth at least 2 million dirhams.

This permission was implemented to attract highly qualified specialists, workers, and talents. In this way, it is possible to stimulate the investment environment and promote business development and success.

Benefits of UAE Residence by Investment

The list of significant perks includes:

  1. Tax “paradise.” Residents pay no income or corporate taxes. Their property is also not taxed. 
  2. The health care system in the country is at a high level. According to the World Bank data, the UAE is one of the most popular medical tourism destinations.
  3. Residents have the right, not the obligation, to live in one of the emirates. Resident visa holders do not need to stay in the country permanently; they can be absent for more than six months.
  4. An optimally developed infrastructure and economy play a crucial role in improving citizens’ quality of life. According to data in 2021, Dubai Golden Visa is valued because Dubai occupies the 5th place in Resonance Consultancy’s ranking of the one hundred best cities in the world. 
  5. Discounts on a variety of services designed specifically for cosmopolitans.
  6. The plus side is that the permit can be obtained for five or ten years. Depending on the type of deposit and investor status.

The state has a high standard of living, modern infrastructure, many international companies for employment, as well as beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels, and numerous attractions to visit in your free time.

Who can get a Dubai Golden Visa?

As the agency Immigrant Invest specialist Zlata Erlach pointed out, this is the only type of admission to the Emirates, which allows specific segments of the population without a monetary contribution to get all the rights. This applies to school pupils with honors, students, doctors, and scientists who have received awards and degrees. All other affluent citizens from other powers, including retirees, people with passive income, entrepreneurs, and talented young people, are also permitted.

Application Process for the UAE Golden Visa

First, determine the category of the golden visa that best suits you and prepare your documents. Next, you need to complete the following options:

  • fill out an application on the website of the Ministry of Interior of the United Arab Emirates (MOI UAE);
  • pay the visa fee; the cost depends on the type and duration;
  • receive an electronic confirmation in the form of an e-visa by e-mail;
  • arrive in the state and present the electronic visa at the border.

It should be noted that the process of obtaining a document can take several days to several weeks, depending on the type of visa and the timing of its processing.

Required Documents for UAE Golden Visa Application

You will need a passport, photo, hotel reservation or participation in a sporting event, plane tickets, or proof of income — any document proving your reasons for moving and why you should be trusted. You will also need health insurance, which can be purchased when you arrive in Abu Dhabi, a certificate of employment, and proof of financial independence. The documents are submitted to the consulate with the completed application form.

Processing Time and Fees for the UAE Golden Visa

You can submit documents through a special mobile application or on the website. The waiting time is usually 30 days from the application and visa request date. The amount of investment varies depending on who is the intended beneficiary of the entry permit. The minimum cost of living is AED 2,200, and the required fee for Dubai Residence by investment is AED 575.


There is no need to go through the stages of naturalization to immigrate to one of the emirates; it is enough to apply through an immigration company and receive a gold pass. The permit allows wealthy foreign nationals or talented individuals to live, work, receive higher and secondary education at a high level, own a business, and enjoy the benefits of civilization to the fullest. 

Solving the issue on your own entails a lot of pitfalls that are almost impossible to deal with without having the necessary knowledge and skills. If you turn to professionals for help, the whole process will be as easy and fast as possible.

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