How to Find the Best Airport Parking Spots During the Holidays

Traveling during peak times can often be stressful, which is the last thing you want during the holiday season! One way of ensuring things run smoothly is to plan your parking needs in advance.

So, here’s a look at how to find the best airport parking spot over the holidays.

Book a Spot in Advance

To find the best airport parking spot during the busy holiday season, you need to plan ahead.

There’s nothing worse than circling an airport parking lot trying to find a space when time is precious. If you have only, say, an hour or thirty minutes to check in with your airline, circling the parking lot can soon become an intensely stressful situation. In the worst-case scenario, you could miss your flight.

The answer is to book a spot in advance. It’s recommended you do that any time of the year. But with airport parking lots often reaching full capacity during the holidays, it’s even more important to book ahead when you’re traveling over the holiday season

Furthermore, many airports charge additional fees for people who have not pre-booked spaces, so you can save money by booking in advance.

Go with an Off-site Airport Parking Service

You could save more money by avoiding airport parking altogether and instead park in an off-airport parking lot. 

Going with an off-site option means you can often park in a better spot, too. Independent lots tend to have excellent security with members of staff constantly ensuring your vehicle is safe.

Also, when using an off-site service for Portland airport parking, for example, the service includes a complimentary shuttle to and from your terminal. Off-airport parking lots often provide valet services too. 

All in all, that means you can find an optimum spot for your car and ensure your arrival runs smoothly, efficiently, and stress-free.

Again, book an off-site parking lot in advance to ensure you get the best spot.

Choose a Safe Spot

As for the parking spot itself, whether you park in an airport parking lot or at an off-site location, you will want to consider how protected your vehicle is.

Being in view of CCTV should be a priority. You may also want to choose an end space to avoid other cars brushing yours. 

Consider things like trees too. If you park underneath a tree, you could return after your two-week holiday break to find your car is covered in leaves and debris.

Read Online Reviews

You can find out about things like how safe airport parking lots are, how expensive on-site and off-site parking lots are, and what services are provided, by reading online reviews for the specific airport you will be parking at. 

Each airport has its differences when it comes to parking options, so explore reviews to find out what customers have to say and which services they recommend you use.

Compare Prices

The best airport parking spot will ideally be good-value. To find the best spot at the best price, you need to compare the prices of the airport parking lot with other nearby parking options. Even within the same airport, prices can vary. 

So, shop around to get the best deal for your ideal spot.

Consider Your Specific Wants and Needs

Do you want to park as close as possible to the departure terminal? Do you want to avoid walking uphill to the terminal entrance? Do you have any disabilities or health issues that may affect the parking spot you choose. 

Carefully consider your specific needs to find the best airport parking spot during the holidays. You can then ensure your holidays begin smoothly and stress-free.

Ultimately, as long as you plan your parking needs in advance, you will find the optimal spot for your vehicle.

Featured Image Credit: wal_172619 on Pixabay


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