How To Do Boys Haircuts

There are so many styles for boys haircuts; what matters is how to come up with the perfect final look you decide on. Each of the numerous boys hairstyles makes a difference to your little man. The final look on your boys head after getting a cut depends on how the haircut was done.

Learning how to do your little man’s hair is important as it may save you money and help make the boy comfortable with the haircut. Here is a guide on how to do boys haircuts at home.

  • Cutting

While cutting your boys hair, you must hold the hair up using your fingers to determine the length required at the top. When trimming the hair at the bottom, you should use a comb to help cut the hair from the bottom.

It is important to ensure that the hair length is similar all-round the head first before you decide on any layering. Combing the hair before the cut is also advised to ensure that you work with the ideal hair length.

You should not cut big portions of hair at the same time because the head is not flat, and this might cause uneven hair length from different corners. Instead, you should divide the hair into small equal portions and use the scissors ends to cut the hair uniformly.

  • Layering

Layering is done after finishing the cut. It is simply perfecting the cut. To layer boys haircuts, you are supposed to hold up the hair in a similar way and do the layering cut. However, layering does not mean you have to perfectly cut the hair to the same level.

The major goal of layering is to make the hair have more texture. You can have better results on layering your little boy’s hair by trimming the hair into smaller and different lengths instead of trimming it along a straight line. However, you can only use this hack on the top layers of the haircut where the texture is crucial.

To come up with a soft look for your boys haircut, you need to do numerous thin cuts rather than just having a single clean cut. To add more texture to the top layer, you can use razor blades rather than scissors.

You should cut the hair in a slanted direction using a razor because this routine gives the hair a better-chopped look down the boy’s head.

  • Blending

Based on the final design of boys haircuts you are going for, you should ensure all the hair blends in perfectly, especially if there is shorter hair at the sides and longer at the top. 

When blending, you should begin with the hair at the top to come up with longer uniform hair fast. When doing the hair at the top, you can move on to the hair at the sides or the back and appropriately use clippers for shorter lengths.

To make the long hair at the top blend with the short hair at the back and the sides, you should use clippers together with a comb to carefully trim the line of hair dividing the two lengths. This will help to create a consistent blend of the lengths rather than having a districting line between the two.

Another way to easily blend the two lengths is by using a clipper head of a number between the ones used on the longer and the shorter hair to create the blend. While doing so, you must be very careful to avoid putting the blend too much to the top.

  • Cutting any extra hair

Sometimes some hair that does not blend with either the longer hair at the top of the shorter hair at the sides and the back might appear. You can know that the hair is extra if it is beyond your fingers. 

Once you identify the extra hair, you should cut it by carefully putting the scissors in a vertical position, ensuring that the scissors is parallel to your fingers, and then cut the extra hair. Using these positions of the scissors to cut the extra hair helps blend the clipper and scissor cut on the boys haircuts.