How To Deposit and Withdraw Money in Online Casinos

Online casino gambling is on the peak of its popularity nowadays, and its popularity will continue to grow. There are many reasons for that, including the development of the niche, the industry becoming more transparent, and less associated with crimes, and legal regulated businesses entering the market. 

As a result, more and more people give a try to online casino gambling for real money, some just due to curiosity, others trying to replace land based gambling, others still in expectations of hitting a jackpot online. All those goals can be achieved, but even the best payout online casino Canada sites will become a disappointment for the gambler if the gambler fails to deposit and withdraw their money correctly. 

Banking methods and payments are some of the most tricky and some of the most crucial aspects of online casino gambling. Wrong choices made in banking and payments can undermine the whole user experience altogether. This is why it is recommended to pay the utmost attention to these things. 

CasinosHunter online casino reviewing platform has a profound detailed guide on casino banking. In this post, however, only the most crucial tips are provided. 

Rules of Depositing 

Depositing can make or break the whole user experience from the very beginning, without the user even being a bit aware of that. Before depositing money to the casino site, the player has to decide upon two crucial components – the currency, and the banking method. 


Some players may want to deposit in local currency, some may want to deposit in international currency, some may want to deposit in crypto. One has to first check what currencies are accepted by the casino site. But most importantly, the potential customer must check whether the casino site has an internal default currency. 

Some sites that accept local currencies for depositing have the default currency which is international, like EUR or USD. As a result, players may face an obligatory currency exchange procedure, from their deposit in local currency, into default one, to make bets, and then back to local currency, to withdraw. The obvious consequence is losing money on exchange. 

Banking Method 

The choice of banking method for deposit is a very responsible task. First, the customer has to check the withdrawal rules – yes, withdrawal rules – and this is why. 

Some sites only allow withdrawals to the same banking channel used previously for depositing. If you deposit with a prepaid voucher, the nature of this method does not allow you to accept withdrawals. You can deposit with a debit card, and the bank will allow the deposit, but will not accept a withdrawal from an online merchant looking like a casino. So, you need to choose a banking option that will be convenient both for depositing and withdrawing, from the very start. 

Other sites state they send the withdrawal amount equal to the initial deposit, to the same banking channel used for depositing, but all the excess amount, they send to a different channel. So, the player has to think of two banking options to connect to their casino account, before they even deposit. 

Withdrawing Successfully 

CasinosHunter explains very thoroughly all the rules applied to withdrawals, at every particular casino site for Canada reviewed on their platform, because withdrawals are as tricky as deposits. Often, casino customers have their withdrawals delayed or rejected for reasons they do not understand. These tips below will help players consider the most crucial nuances about withdrawing money from Canadian online casinos. 

Wagering Requirements 

Wagering requirements, also called playthrough requirements or rules, are the main stumbling block that prevent successful withdrawals. Most of the time, people get in trouble with bonus wagering requirements, because: 

  • they fail to win enough money to withdraw by wagering the bonus, or 
  • they run out of money and the bonus gets removed, so there is nothing to withdraw, or 
  • they wager the bonus in wrong games, and fail to meet the wagering requirements in full, or 
  • they make higher bets than maximum allowed with an active bonus, and their winnings get forfeited 

However, even if the player takes no bonuses, they may be unaware that the initial deposits should also be wagered from 1 to 3 times, before they can withdraw anything. 

Violation of those rules stated above leads to withdrawal delay or rejection. 

Account Verification 

New casino customers are allowed to deposit money to the site, and start making real money bets, immediately after they complete their casino account, and connect their preferred banking method. However, the function of withdrawal as such will not be unlocked for them, until their account is verified by the Customer Support. 

As a rule, the casino team starts account verification soon after registration, but some casinos freeze any bets and payments during the process of verification. Therefore, the casino team may not start the verification process to not scare the new excited player off. And they will not start the verification process until the player requests withdrawal, or until the player requests the verification itself. So, CasinosHunter highly recommends Canadian gamblers request account verification early. 


And eventually, lucky players have to be aware of the withdrawal limits. Firstly, there are minimum possible withdrawals. At most Canadian casinos, the minimum withdrawal starts from C$20, but for some, the sum may be higher. Secondly, there are maximum withdrawals per transaction and per day, so check them out as well. 

Thirdly – and most gamblers are not aware of that – winnings associated with bonuses are also usually capped at a certain maximum. As a rule, No Deposit bonus winnings are capped at maximum varying from C$20 to C$100, not higher. Deposit-based bonuses can bring up to C$10,000 maximum.