How to Declutter Before Moving

Are you planning a move? Whether you think your home is cluttered or not, chances are there is a handful of things lying around and others stacked behind the closet that you could get rid of. Before packing for the big move, it is vital to declutter your home to make a move easier and prepare you for a new start. On top of ensuring a stress-free move, decluttering is also a great way to honor the memories made in the old home.

Why decluttering before a significant move matters

Decluttering before a big move saves you time and energy on both ends of the move and on costs. After downsizing, you end up with less stuff to pack, carry around, transport, unload, and unpack, so you use lesser time and energy than you would have with all the clutter.

It saves on costs. The more things you have, the more costly it will be to move. You can save money by using fewer boxes and packing supplies, and when it comes to movers, you pay less when there is less to carry. In most cases, after decluttering, people host yard or garage sales which is also a way of earning some extra cash to help relocate.

Tips on how to declutter before a move

Moving can be both exciting and stressful simultaneously, especially when it comes to packing. The process can be simplified by doing some purge in your house to lessen the things you carry to your new home. Decluttering can be overwhelming, especially if you are working within a short time frame. There is so much to do and limited time to get it all done, so how do you go about it?

Start as early as possible

If you want to declutter effectively, begin the process as early as possible to allow yourself enough time to make your decluttering decisions. It takes time to sort through an entire household carefully, so be patient with the process. If you decide to declutter too close to the moving date, you will feel very rushed and put a lot of pressure and stress on finishing everything. You lack the time and capacity to make the right decisions. You end up throwing away things you need and vice versa.

Have a strong plan

It is common for most people to underestimate how long it takes to sort through stuff and declutter. It is not a very interesting process, so you may get tired and stop making the best decisions, which is why it’s essential to have a plan in place. A decluttering plan aids in the assessment of what needs decluttering and how long it will take to get it done. A strong plan ensures you know exactly what to do with the things you no longer need, and it helps to keep you motivated.

Consider what you truly need, use or love

It can be hard to get rid of your things, especially if they have a sentimental value to you, but decluttering before a move is inevitable. In addition to assessing what you will have room for in the new place, decluttering helps you let go of things that no longer spark joy or serve your interests. The goal is to pack what you truly need, use, or love and not carry clutter over to your new home.

When decluttering, leave the mementos for last. It will be easier to get rid of something you didn’t like than something that holds a sentimental value, so leave the hard decisions for later. If you have any sentimental gifts, deciding what to do with them can leave you frustrated, so let that be the last thing you do.

Don’t add new stuff to your home

Some people buy new stuff for the house when the move is near, which leaves them with a lot of things to pack for the move. When preparing for a great move, focus on buying less stuff, and use what you already have in the house. If there are consumables, use them up, so there is less to carry. Use up as many pantry items as possible, as well as personal care, household, and cleaning products.

Consider your new home

It is common for the new home to change the things you need, so consider this when decluttering. Consider what you will have room for at the new place and the sizes of the rooms there compared to your old home. Take into account the number of rooms too, which can help you decide what to carry for each room.

Decluttering helps you create a home you will love, not just a replica of your old house filled with clutter. When decluttering, you get to re-assess each item at a time and determine its necessity in your new home. This way, you end up in a place filled with things you use, need, and love, and the unpacking process becomes manageable.


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