How to Choose a Cannabis Consumption Method

When it comes to consuming marijuana, there are many different ways to do so. Some methods are better than others, depending on what you’re looking for. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of different consumption methods so that you can choose the best one for you. Keep in mind that everyone’s experience with marijuana may be different, so it’s important to experiment until you find a method that works best for you. Hopefully, with this list of considerations, you will be able to make the best choice for yourself. Happy smoking!

Consider Your Lifestyle     

The first thing that you will have to take into consideration when choosing a marijuana consumption method is your lifestyle. The great thing about there being such a wide variety of different consumption methods is that there is a consumption method that will be suited for your lifestyle.

One question that you can ask yourself is are you a very active person? If so, then a bong probably wouldn’t be the best choice for you, since it isn’t convenient for someone who travels around a lot. In this example, a dry herb vaporizer would be much better, since it is portable, quick to use, and is discreet. 

Do You Want Something Simple?  

Another thing that you’ll have to take into consideration when choosing a marijuana consumption method is how simple you want the method to be. Many people don’t want to be fussed about different attachments and knowing what to buy for which device and needing to read an instruction manual before use. 

If that sounds like you then perhaps you should try something like these elegant glass bongs from Dankstop, joints, edibles, or tinctures. All of those consumption methods are incredibly easy to use and don’t take long to get to know how to use them. If you don’t mind something being a little bit complicated, then perhaps you can try a dry herb vaporizer, dab rig, or even a vape pen. At the end of the day, you will be using the device, so you need to make sure that whichever consumption method you choose, you are comfortable with using and it is a pleasant experience for you.

How Much Maintenance Are You Prepared For?      

The next question you should ask yourself is how much maintenance are you prepared for? All of the different marijuana consumption methods require different levels of maintenance, so you need to consider this when choosing a method of consumption.

For example, if you are thinking about using a dry herb vaporizer, then you should be aware that the chamber needs to be cleaned occasionally, as well as the mouthpiece and the other attachments. The same can be said for a bong and a dab rig. Joints on the other hand don’t require maintenance, and neither do vape pens with pre-filled pods. 

What is Your Budget?  

Perhaps one of the most important things that you should take into consideration when choosing a marijuana consumption method, is your budget. If you are new to the world of marijuana, then it might come as a surprise that some devices can cost more than $500.

In addition to this, you’ll have to take all of the attachments and parts that need to be purchased to maintain the device into consideration too. For example, with joints you will need to buy rolling paper and grinders, dab rigs will require you to buy torches and nails, and dry herb vaporizer batteries might need to be replaced after some time. 

What Methods Are Most Popular?          
In your journey to choose a marijuana consumption method, it would be incredibly helpful to know which marijuana consumption methods are the most popular. Many of the methods that are about to be listed have been listed above, but some benefits will be listed now too. 

  • Dry Herb Vaporizers: Relatively easy to use, allows for precise temperature control, convenient and discreet.
  • Bongs: Extremely easy to use, great for sharing, allows for big hits. 
  • Joints: One of the best methods for consuming on the go, can roll any size, also good for sharing.
  • Edibles: Easiest to use, has the longest duration of effects at 6-8 hours, accurate dosages.
  • Dab rigs: Relatively easy to use, potent dosages, can be flavored.
  • Tinctures: Very easy to use, has a decent duration of effects at 3-4 hours, accurate dosages. 

Photo by Richard T on Unsplash