How to Buy Casino Links with

Casino gambling website owners would do virtually anything to have the best gambling site in the industry. Being at the top result on search engines is their primary focus, but this task can be incredibly difficult to achieve due to the intense competition for the huge payouts available to the top online casino companies.

However, with every difficulty, there’s always a workaround with the help of experts that has the best approach and implementation. Casino sites are using casino backlinks to ensure that they are on the right path to a successful venture. VelSEOity’s Casino backlinks not only ensure good results but also sustainable growth for casino operators. They’ve provided a guide below for those looking to buy casino backlinks.

Buy Casino Backlinks and Build Authority

The gambling backlinks process for casino sites takes a different approach compared to traditional SEO backlinks because of its varying and challenging domain. 

This process has seen an increase in demand today because this industry’s competitive nature makes it more inherent in operating a casino site  business. Otherwise, the casino sites would face significant struggles to increase its search engine rankings.

Besides making all the efforts in maintaining a great position on the search engine results pages, online casino operators should ensure that they develop trust among the users of their websites. It is an important process since Google imposes strict monitoring on gambling websites.

To build the trust of both audiences and search engines, online casino owners need to create backlinks with the highest qualities. They need to look for a professional company with a good reputation in link building for casino websites.

What Are the Benefits of Link Building for Casino Websites?

1. Integrate Relationships for Casino Sites

Creating good relationships with your prospective audience and niche influencers is one of the core objectives of link building. Gambling casinos can work with well-established websites and buy casino backlinks and blogs to boost the credibility of their online gaming business.

The operators of gambling casinos need to create strategies for communicating with reliable blogs as well as by teaming up with influential bloggers to build high-quality casino blogs content, which will increase the popularity of your casino.

2. Increase the Referral Traffic

Your gambling site can connect to other relevant websites, which already have high volumes of traffic, as long as you carefully manage your casino backlinks. This will ensure that your website captures the audience interested in these blogs, which will in turn boost the popularity of your site and create additional business opportunities in the casino niche.

It is also important to consider the fact that it takes time to find the right websites to collaborate with. You need to work with casino backlink experts to help you with the selection of the most suitable gambling sites to increase your gambling site ‘s referral traffic.

3. Develop Your Brand and Gambling Site

Gambling link building professionals will ensure that your casino gambling website will appear at the top spot of the first page of the search engine results. Their top priority is supporting you in developing your brand and being the best casino site in the industry, ranking for casino keywords.

Link building professionals also have content writers that can create blogs and articles that focus on your brand. Once you have earned a higher SEO ranking, your website will be on the right track to getting the right recognition.

What Types of Websites Should You Build Links From?

You can consider building links from a very broad range of websites and categories for gambling companies, provided that there is some kind of natural link back to the gambling or casino website. Below are some categories we regularly see casinos go after, along with some category ideas.

If you’re using software such as SEMrush or Ahrefs and scan through the backlink profile of the significant companies in the niche, you will see both content and backlinks around many of the following categories;

I. Casinos and Gambling

Casino blogs and Strategy Websites: Think about all the different casino games such as blackjack and roulette and find blogs by searching for strategy terms.

Poker Websites: You will find plenty of poker news and strategy blogs out there.

Sports betting influencers and bloggers.

II. Gaming

Video Game Blogs: Plenty of these are available, ranging from browser games to retro game blogs and Xbox games.

Card Games: You can find a phenomenal volume of such websites

Other physical games such as backgammon, chess, etc.

III. Leisure and Lifestyle

Culture: Think of the culture of casinos

Travel: People often associated travel with casinos, they are often tourist attractions

Entertainment: It is easy to tie this into the attraction of casinos

Celebrities: Celebrities love to visit casinos and gamble. You have an unlimited number of amazing stories to tell here.

Movies: Think Casino Royale along with the many other classic casino films over the years.

Hobbies: Pretty much self-explanatory.

IV. Sports

European sports like rugby, football, etc.

US sports like basketball, American football, baseball

Sports with traditionally more links to betting such as billiards, snooker, etc. Plenty of content can be tied back into the gambling element.

V. Business, News, and Finance

Business: It’s an industry that’s constantly evolving with conferences, innovation, and hurdles. There’s a lot of content potential around this.

Careers: The industry employs hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world, offering a genuine career path.

Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency has a strong association with the casino industry, with many Bitcoin casinos currently available. The nature of investing in cryptocurrency can be often viewed as a gamble, which is why it attracts many of the same people.

Stocks and Finance: Casino companies are major players in the stock exchange.

VI. Technology

Virtual Reality

General technology

Design Blogs: Think about the structure and actual design of casino games

Computer Technology: Anything that ties into the systems and software used by online casinos.

Putting Together a Casino Niche Link Building Strategy

Precision is required to develop a good gambling SEO strategy that includes link building for an online gambling and casino website. It should also be done right to ensure a maximum return on your investment helping you promote your business. Here are some of the things you can do to increase the chances of a great return:

– Set a Realistic Budget: Boosting your organic search rankings strategically is a fight to the top, and then you must defend your position. Other companies are earning hundreds of millions from Google, so you have to invest accordingly if you would like to compete with them.

– Diversify Your Link Profile: Avoid picking just one strategy and going with it. Instead, you should invest in a variety of tactics, which include link swaps, paid links, PR, media/news, no-follow links like social media profiles, and earned casino links for gambling sites and gambling companies.

– Analyze Your Competitors: Observe what the competition is doing as well as where they are obtaining backlinks and then simply reverse engineer the strategy they are using. Reach out to their best placements and try replicating what the best casino SEO are doing. 

– Formulate Your Anchor Text Plan: The anchor text plan you use should ideally come from top-ranking websites in your location/niche.

– Use Aliases: Use multiple aliases when doing outreach to avoid getting caught buying backlinks online. Save the domain-based email outreach for media/PR outreach or strategic partners to avoid apparent link footprints in Google search.

– Consistency: You should keep using the same tactics repeatedly and stay on top of changing trends among the top-ranking competitors.

– Be Mindful of Link Velocity: You should pay attention to the link velocity and stay within a range that’s reasonable for casino SEO. Sheer volume doesn’t matter, high quality backlinks are the order of the day with links from quality linked domains and a low spam score.

Besides doing the right things, it is also important to avoid common pitfalls and create quality websites.

Casino Link Building Mistakes You Should Avoid

– Mismatching Your Strategy with Your Company Size and Budget: Casino websites, unfortunately, have a negative reputation in the eyes of search engines for being low-quality. This means you must invest a reasonable amount of money in gambling links services for your website, regardless of the size of your company. The smaller the company size, the harder it will be to compete with larger websites that have already made their mark in the SERPs.

– Buying Large Quantities of Low-Quality Links: After aligning your strategy with your company size and budget, it is time to pay attention to what you want to buy. You should avoid buying many low-quality links or links that have low metrics such as low DR/DA and links with low numbers of referring domains and no organic traffic. High quality links move the needle, low quality ones canse issues and quality guidelines should be followed to some degree It is also advisable not to buy too many links with low traffic or that come from websites with spammy sidebar links, homepage link rentals poorly written content, excessive outbound links, etc.

– Over/Under Optimizing the Anchor Text Profile: The anchor text profile is simply a summary of all your backlinks and the anchor text people use to refer back to your website. Review the profile of your top-ranking competitors and ensure that you model your anchor text strategy accordingly, rather than using “best practices”.

– Invest in Casino PBNs: Using this approach carries a growing risk. It is still an option for some and the cost will likely be a lot cheaper than those from quality backlinks that generate organic traffic for a good casino website. Buying paid links on properly vetted real websites is generally a bit more expensive for gambling SEO, but it is more effective and carries a lower risk of penalization.