How to Buy Bitcoin Prime?

Bitcoin Prime is a Bitcoin trading bot that employs powerful AI algorithms to trade on your behalf automatically. The site claims a 95% success rate and is entirely free to use – you only pay a modest fee on profitable deals.

Is this cryptocurrency trading platform worth your time? In our Bitcoin Prime review, we’ll go through everything you need to know about trading with a cryptocurrency robot in 2022, as well as if we were able to verify the platform’s high claims.

What exactly is Bitcoin Prime?

Do you want to acquire cryptocurrencies in a passive manner? Bitcoin Prime is a crypto robot. It is a trading service that analyses the cryptocurrency markets for trading opportunities automatically. Bitcoin Prime executes trades on your behalf when it discovers potentially profitable settings. According to the website, up to 95% of deals executed by Bitcoin Prime are profitable under favorable market circumstances.

Bitcoin Prime’s performance is predicated on its AI system, which is capable of detecting and responding to price trends. While Bitcoin Prime does not disclose the intricacies of its algorithm, it searches for many of the tried and proven technical patterns that traders all over the world use to earn money.

How Does Bitcoin Prime Function?

Bitcoin Prime monitors price changes in 14 distinct cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereal, Lite coin, Bitcoin Gold, Cash, Dash, Ethereal Classic, Cardan, IOTA, EOS, NEO, Finance Coin, and Ripple. So there are a number of major cryptocurrencies that Bitcoin Prime claims to be able to trade effectively.

When the computer identifies a price pattern, it will initiate a transaction. Bitcoin Prime will place an order in your brokerage account and then track the deal as it progresses. When the time comes to close the position, Bitcoin Prime will issue the order, and all funds, including any profits, will be returned to your account (less a 2% commission for profitable accounts). 

Bitcoin Prime promises to be open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

One of the good features of Bitcoin Prime is that it offers a plethora of instructional resources as well as a sample account to allow you to understand how the algorithm works. While trading with Bitcoin Prime requires little effort, you will need to tweak the algorithm’s settings to be effective in different market circumstances.

Most importantly, your money is held by a third-party broker. Bitcoin Prime can issue trading orders using the funds in your account, but it cannot directly access your cash. Because only you have access to your money, this might give some security when utilizing this service. You have the option to withdraw your funds at any time.

Is Bitcoin Prime a Ponzi scheme?

One of the primary topics we wanted to answer with our Bitcoin Prime review is, is Bitcoin Prime a scam?

Bitcoin Prime’s unconfirmed victory rate of 90% is comparable to that of other cryptocurrency trading robots. However, we were unable to independently verify the bitcoin trading platform’s claims. Please bear in mind that all trading and cryptocurrency investments are fraught with risk and potential loss. Invest only money that you can afford to lose. 

The Bitcoin Prime platform has received positive feedback from sites such as Trust Pilot, as well as testimonials from Bitcoin Prime itself, however, we highly advise doing your homework and weighing the possible hazards before joining up and depositing money into the platform.

How to Make Use of Bitcoin Prime?

Are you ready to begin using Bitcoin Prime? We’ll teach you how to join up and begin trading in just a few simple steps:

 1: Enroll in Bitcoin Prime

Signing up for Bitcoin Prime is the first step. Visit the Bitcoin Prime website and create an account. Fill in your name, email, and phone number.

Bitcoin Prime will place you with one of its partner brokers immediately. To verify your identity and complete your brokerage account creation, you must send a copy of your driver’s license or passport.

2: Make a deposit

You must make an initial deposit of at least $250 after your accounts are established. Payment methods used by brokers vary, however, the majority of Bitcoin Prime’s partners accept debit cards, credit cards, and bank transfers.

 3: Improve Bitcoin Prime

When you initially log in to your new Bitcoin Prime account, it is put to demo mode by default. This is your chance to experiment with the algorithm settings and discover how the programmer works. According to Bitcoin Prime, most users can optimize the programmer within 30 minutes.

4: Begin Trading Live

When you’re satisfied with how Bitcoin Prime performs in demo mode, you may switch to live to trade. Bitcoin Prime will now send orders to your brokerage for live execution utilizing funds in your trading account. However, keep in mind that we were unable to verify Bitcoin Prime’s promises, therefore there is a chance of losing money.

The Decision

Bitcoin Prime is a crypto trading robot that promises to be capable of automatic trading in 14 distinct crypto marketplaces 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. According to the website, the programmer continually improves its trading performance using deep learning. Bitcoin Prime has no account fees, but profitable traders will pay a 2% commission in exchange for the platform’s assistance.

However, only spend what you can afford to lose because many bot tools make unsubstantiated claims. For a Bitcoin Prime alternative in 2022, investors may be interested in our analysis of the crypto trading bot Napoleon X, which has earned a verifiable positive ROI on a major crypto exchange over the past year.