How to Better Enjoy Your Trip to Italy

So you’re going on a trip to Italy? Wonderful! You have chosen a truly fascinating destination. With so much history, art, and culture packed into its borders. It’s no wonder that Italy is one of the top tourist destinations for many people worldwide. 

However, sometimes the sheer amount of things to see and places to go can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned traveller. How do you make sure that your trip is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible?

First of all, don’t over-plan your visit. Sure, planning always has its benefits, but if you plan too much in advance, then you might end up missing out on something unique, simply because it didn’t fit into your schedule. 

Second of all, make sure not to miss out on any recommendations, especially the great restaurants and Hotels near the Trevi Fountain. Italians consider good food a birthright and will be more than happy to give you their opinion of the best restaurants they know.

If you want to get the most out of your time in Italy, then here are some places that you must visit:

The Trevi Fountain

Rome’s most famous landmark contains one of the world’s largest fountains under its base. It took over 60 years for all the different parts to come together, but no one could deny its beauty when it finally did. 

The fountain depicts Neptune standing on four horses (an element taken from an older fountain) surrounded by sea creatures such as seahorses, and merpeople. In contrast, above him stands Ocean, the ancient god of water. People who visit this place (and throw their coins into the fountain) are said to come back to Rome many times in their lives.

Among the most famous attractions in Rome are symbols of culture. You can see this by visiting the Trevi Fountain or marvelling at incredible architecture like St Peter’s Basilica and The Sistine Chapel. If you still don’t feel like you want to come home, consider checking out Palazzo del Quirinale; visit any one of Rome’s numerous museums; take a stroll on Via Veneto or walk down Viale di Trastevere! 

Visit the Borghese Park

However, if you’re looking for something laidback, then go for an evening stroll around Villa Borghese Park, where you’ll be able to admire impressive statues such as David along with views overlooking the city.

Suppose you ever come across an Italian who starts complaining about Milan’s fashion industry, that person is probably not from Milan. On the other hand, maybe they don’t like Fabbrica di Milano (Milan Fashion Factory), one of the highest-ranked shopping malls in Italy. 

Photo by Ouael Ben Salah on Unsplash

Fashion Shopping in Milan

Fabbrica di Milano houses more than 200 stores with all sorts of goodies ranging from designer clothing and accessories to cosmetics. Make sure you bring enough cash to buy at least a few things from your favourite brands!

Bologna is known as La Grassa (“the fat one”), but don’t let that fool you. This place is all about culture and fine culinary arts. Bologna contains hundreds of medieval towers spread throughout the city center, surrounded by delightful cafés and shops. Your visit here will be incomplete if you leave without tasting Le Delizie del Palazzo d’Accursio, a mouthwatering assortment of local desserts made with the finest ingredients.

Try out some other regions in Italy, such as Venice, which is surrounded by water yet perfectly walkable thanks to numerous bridges connecting its different districts. 

Even though the lagoon may occasionally move away from this place, it’s still considered one of Europe’s most beautiful cities! On your way back home, make sure not to forget to say goodbye to the Doge’s Palace!

Visit Capri

But that’s not all, folks! Have you ever heard of Capri? No, we’re not talking about some ice cream. This place is a beautiful island located off the coast of Naples, and it has its own unique microclimate, so it never gets too cold or hot during the year. Its cliffs have natural caverns and caves, such as Marina Grande, which used to be one of King Arthur’s favourite places to relax and fish for his dinner. 

An excursion boat will bring you from Sorrento, but don’t forget your swimsuit because there won’t be any time for sightseeing once you get inside these mysterious underwater caverns!

Ensure that you always have enough space in your luggage because there are so many other places to visit in Italy. 

Photo by Anders Jildén on Unsplash

The Island of Elba

One of our favourites is the island of Elba, which has been a popular vacation destination for decades now. The island has a distinctly Mediterranean climate making it a great place to set camp and relax by the sea or go hiking among various cliffs. 

If you get tired from all this exercise, don’t forget to have some fresh seafood in one of the many coastal restaurants! And don’t forget about Sicily, which is another beautiful island famous for its unique history. 

Off the Beaten Track in Sicily

Arabs once ruled the city of Palermo, so if you ever come across an Arabian cat there, make sure to pet it because they’re said to bring luck and fortune to their owners!

Even if you decide not to believe that myth, Palermo still has plenty of amazing things in store for you: choose between Castel del Monte (a castle with an octagonal shape) or the Royal Palace of Palermo, or see both!

The islands you may not have thought of visiting are Panarea Island and Ischia Island. Panarea is a tiny volcanic island located in the north of Sicily and is famous for its Blue Grotto. This place has been home to the most powerful lighthouse in Italy (Faro Della Panarea), once owned by many incredibly wealthy people such as Madonna and Lady Gaga!

If you want something more lively, Ischia Island is right up your alley! It’s packed with bars, restaurants, and art galleries in beautiful old buildings dating back to the 15th century. Visitors here will be spoiled with choices when it comes to dining since this place offers all sorts of exquisite seafood dishes served at affordable prices.

Italy has so many beautiful places to see that you might feel overwhelmed by all these options. However, don’t forget to take your time and enjoy each one because there’s no place like Italy in the entire world!