How to Become a Poker Champion in Less Than a Year and Make it a New Lifestyle

How To Become A Poker Pro and Enjoy a Lifestyle of a Champion 

Who wouldn’t want to convert a hobby into a profession? It’s not simple to become a poker champion, but it is possible to put in enough effort. Turning your passion into a lifestyle and your career will be much easier once you’ve increased your skill to the level of that of a professional poker tournament player.

Create A Poker Network

Surrounding oneself with other high-level poker pros and serious amateurs is one of the most acceptable ways to develop your game. It will rub off on your own game and enable you to discuss poker hands and strategy with other good players regularly.

We propose going to venues where other dedicated poker players congregate or contact them directly via social media. Form groups, private Facebook or Discord pages, and work together to improve their poker skills.

Create A Schedule

Playing more hands is one of the best ways to enhance your poker playing. We frequently learn some of our most essential poker lessons at the poker tables through trial and mistake.

Establish a regular playing routine that suits your needs. That may be eight hours or 20 minutes per day. It all depends on your current lifestyle and responsibilities. 

But the most important thing is to play regularly, if possible, every day because this is the best method to keep the game fresh in your mind and learn from your mistakes.

Learning your craft will also help you put all of the off-the-table learning strategies into practice, which will become evident as we progress through this topic.

Poker Champion

Find A Poker Coach 

Hiring a personal coach to help you address your weaknesses and work on your trouble spots is one of the most influential and tactic-efficient ways to enhance your poker game.

There are a slew of high-level poker pros who offer one-on-one instruction on the side these days. They frequently offer their services on forums or their websites.

The cost of hiring a personal poker instructor is the primary disadvantage. The majority of good poker trainers nowadays can charge at least $200 per hour.

As a result, if you’re a low-stakes poker player with a short bankroll, this can be an issue. So, if you play mid-stakes or high-stakes poker and money isn’t an issue.

Do Some Research

There have never been so many high-level poker strategy books accessible as there are today.

Online poker books cover live poker, GTO (game theory optimal) poker strategy, exploitative strategy, poker math, the mental game, tournament strategy, and more. Find a book written by your favorite poker player and study their system.

The best thing about poker books is that they rarely exceed $20 or $30 in price. When compared to employing a poker instructor, they are far more cost-effective, especially for small-stakes players.

Poker books also provide the most in-depth strategy, as the amount of information included in a single book is significantly greater than what you could learn from a poker training video or a coach.

Poker Champion

Watch Poker Videos

The amount of high-quality poker footage available on platforms like YouTube and Twitch has increased dramatically in recent years. Many top-level pros now stream themselves playing poker or provide instructional videos regularly.

The best part of this article is that practically all of this information is available for no cost. So, one of the most acceptable methods to enhance your poker game these days is to go to YouTube or Twitch and watch some good players play.

Study Your Hand History

Studying your poker hands is one of the most effective ways to ramp up your poker game, by studying your poker hands you can learn from your mistakes. to get the best result, we strongly urge you to utilize a good poker tracking application, especially if you play online poker.

After your poker game is done, you’ll be able to evaluate all of your most critical hands and figure out where you’re having problems.

Strategists highly recommended that you study the hands you lose where large amounts are at stake because it’s usually in the larger pots that players make the most mistakes. In contrast, when we win big jackpots, we make fewer blunders.

Improve Your Mental Strength

The mental component of the game is something that a lot of poker players overlook these days. Superior mental strength is one of the main reasons why they have been unable to achieve large-scale success.

Actively work on your tilt control and focus at the poker tables because you cannot afford to play below your best in today’s more challenging environment.

If you want to win large, you must be prepared to make the most significant judgments on every hand. So, whether it’s meditation, visualization, or breathing and relaxation techniques, working on the mental part of the game away from the tables will benefit you majorly.

Watch The Pros

Finally, the most crucial strategy for developing your poker game is to study the best poker players you can find, particularly pros.

Getting advice from a player on the same level as you, or worse, below you, is pointless. Learning from (and playing against) much better poker players will help you improve your game.

So, whether you’re at the poker tables or in your study time away from them, make sure you’re learning from and studying the best players’ techniques.

When you’ve carried out all of the steps mentioned above, you’ll be well on your way to going pro and possibly leaving the 9 to 5 job, trading it in for a more exciting, risk-heavy lifestyle.

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