How to Attract Tourists to Your Business in Singapore?

The revenue generated from tourists is necessary for many businesses to thrive. Especially in a country like Singapore which relies heavily on tourism, businesses must attract tourists.

The question is, how to do so?

Using the right strategy, you can make your business a regular spot for most Singapore tourists. We will share tips to help you develop such a strategy and exponentially increase your revenue and profits.

1. Create an Official Website

Most tourists search online when it comes to planning their itinerary. Whether people are looking for a restaurant near them or any other business when they are in Singapore, they often search online. If you have an official website, your visibility increases.

In today’s digital age, having an official website is a must if you want to attract tourists to your business. After that, you can optimize your website to increase the number of visitors and ultimately make them visit your business or buy from you.

2. Promote Your Business on Social Media

A website will help you gain direct visitors and visitors from search engines. However, many consumers rely on social media to find local businesses.

That is why another way to attract tourists to your business in Singapore is to promote your business on social media. You need to focus on various platforms, like

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Facebook, etc.

You must create your profile, promote your business on these platforms, and consistently upload content. That will help you gain traction among tourists as well as locals alike.

3. Create Virtual Tours of Your Business

The influence of online presence is limited without virtual tours. Virtual tours let the tourists know what they can expect when they visit your business. Not only that, but with the help of proper 3D rendering, you can convince them to visit your business by creating aesthetically pleasing virtual tours.

Such 3D rendering can convince them to purchase from you even before they set foot in your place. Also, when you create virtual tours of your business, you can showcase your offerings even though they have yet to visit your premises.

The power of such virtual tours in convincing consumers and tourists is almost unparalleled. A well-planned virtual tour of your business can certainly make your business revenue grow exponentially.

4. Network With Hotel Concierges

Hotel concierges often recommend various places to tourists. If you network with them, it becomes easier to get recommended by hotel concierges. If your business is a cut above the rest, you can earn a recommendation once you network with them.

Since hotel guests trust them, it is easy to attract tourists once you network with them.

You can invite hotel concierges to your business to gain their trust and offer them a free meal or tour. That way, they will gain first-hand experience with your business and are more likely to recommend you.

Hotel concierges alone can increase your business revenue by 20% to 30%.

5. Manage Your Online Reputation

When someone finds out about your business, they are likely to search for the same online. If your online reputation is non-existent or negative, you won’t be able to convince them. That is why, before your reputation starts damaging your business; it is time to start managing it.

There are two aspects involved when it comes to managing your reputation.

Get More Reviews

The first one is to get more reviews. The lack of reviews indicates that the business could be more popular among consumers. Tourists or locals aren’t likely to trust such a business.

We aren’t asking you to get fake reviews. You must encourage your present customers to leave your reviews online on Google or other platforms. A simple verbal request will do wonders in this regard.

The more you get reviews, the more credible your business will be.

Handle Negative Reviews on Time

Negative reviews are inevitable. If up until now, your business hasn’t received a negative review, you can certainly expect them to be around the corner. If you handle them well, they won’t impact your business.

You have to address the negative reviews as soon as possible. You must address the customers and their concerns and explain to the reader (prospective customer) the cause of the negative experience. You can even contact them personally to address their concerns.

If most prospective customers view you as a responsible and responsive business owner, they will visit your premises even if it has a few bad reviews.

Thus, handling your reputation online is crucial if you’re looking to attract tourists.

6. Offer Deals Online

Google my business listing lets you share updates on your Google My Business profile. Apart from that, you can also use social media to share various deals. Of course, the deals must be valid for only a limited time.

The scarcity and incentive these deals offer will help you grow your business.

Simultaneously, ensure the deal doesn’t result in a loss for your business. You should know your numbers before crafting and sharing such deals online.

7. Describe the Smaller Details Online

Let’s say you own a restaurant. Most restaurant owners will describe the cuisine, interior, and so on. However, you must describe every tiny detail on your social media accounts and website.

For example, if you have a small play area for children, do mention that. Similarly, if you have a few children-friendly snacks (less spicy), mention those.

Such small details will help you attract more tourists to your business. No detail is small enough to ignore regarding social media and online presence. 


Using the seven different tips, it is easy to attract tourists to your business in Singapore. Since Singapore receives thousands of tourists annually, you can grow your business exponentially even if you can attract a small percentage of them to your business. 

Not only that, once you fulfill the expectations of tourists, they will likely review you on various platforms and recommend you to their friends and family who are planning to travel to Singapore. That way, your growth will be unstoppable if you follow these valuable tips above.