How Technology Is Changing the Game for Sports Bettors

There was a time when you could only place sports bets against your friends or at a kiosk. Today, sports betting sites are pretty common online, and you can even get more value for your money if you sign up for promotions like the Vulkanbet bonus.

Promotions like these would not have been possible had it not been for technology. So, today, let us look at the different ways in which technology is changing the sports betting landscape.

1. Mobile Sports Betting

All sports betting sites are accessible via mobile devices. Although not all of them have apps, we can say that all sites of this service are mobile-friendly.

We certainly cannot expect the operators to create a mobile app because many laws govern the sports betting industry. Nevertheless, mobile applications open a gateway to a whole new world of sports betting, both for avid fans and newbies.

2. More Betting Markets

Technology allowed sports betting operators to create new betting markets. There was a time when bettors could only place wagers on who they thought would win. Now, people can place bets on so many possible game outcomes. Below are a few examples for basketball:

  • Moneyline – the simplest kind of bet where you wager on who is going to win the game.
  • Spread – a kind of bet where the team must win by some points. If they do not, you will lose your bet.
  • Point Totals – the total score of the two teams is the basis for betting. In this kind of bet, you can wager on either OVER the total score or UNDER the total score. If your guess is right, you win your bet.
  • Player Props – this bet has something to do with how a player would perform in terms of a particular statistic. You win based on how you placed your wager. If you wagered that the player would achieve that stat, and they did, you win the bet.
  • First Basket – you are betting on what team makes the first basket. The other variant is you are making a bet on the first player to make the basket.

There are other kinds of bets like the parlay, game props, and a whole lot more. As you begin to wager in other sports, you will also realize that there are more betting markets out there that you may not have even heard of.

With sports betting apps, you can place bets even after the game has started. All these were made possible by technology. Specifically, companies use artificial intelligence to make decisions as to what they can offer to the bettors. As such, sports betting has never been this exciting.

Live Streaming of the Game

Another great advancement in sports betting, thanks to technology is the live-streaming facet of the industry. Many gaming sites now offer live streaming of the sport, provided that the sports organizers allow them access to the game.

Why is this important? In the past, people who wagered on sports depended on TV streaming. Some countries do not even have live access to the games. Today, people can watch sports and decide if they want to place bets on any market.

Benefits of Tech to Sports Bettors

Technology made many things possible in the realm of sports betting. The top three above are probably the biggest ones, but there are more that players can benefit from. In this section, we will attempt to summarize some more tech changes that impact the betting industry.

  • Live Betting – you no longer have to limit yourself to pre-match betting; you can place your wagers even if you are late to the game.
  • Analytics – operators use AI to do big data analytics and determine the best odds. Because of this, sports bettors can enjoy better odds and make the most of their bets.
  • AI for Bettors – there are software programs that can skim the internet and look for betting odds. What you can do as a sports bettor is to leverage these websites for betting arbitrage. Just a note here: sports betting operators do not allow this, so be careful.
  • Social – the world of sports betting has never been more social. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, you can find a group of people who share the same passion as you do. You can share tips to win or get their opinion about a match.

Lastly, technology made it possible for many companies to allow players to deposit. Every country has its set of financial institutions that sports betting companies can work with to make it possible for players to participate.

We now live in a time where sports betting has become commonplace. You no longer need to look for a friend to place bets or gamble — all you have to do now is sign up for an online sports betting account. Technology has changed how we place bets. There are many clever ways by which we can wager and support our favorite teams.