How Much Do You Save By Buying Wholesale Delta-8?

If you’ve heard about Delta-8 THC, you may have heard that it offers all the benefits of Cannabis in a mild and legal package. You might also have heard that it can be a little expensive. Although some of those concerns are exaggerated, Delta-8 products do usually cost a little bit more than CBD products. This creates a slight problem for those of us who really enjoy Mr Hemp Flower’s wholesale Delta-8 THC. 

For many people, the answer to that problem is buying wholesale. That allows you to get a larger quantity at a lower price. If you are a regular consumer of Delta-8 products, then you will want to stock up anyway. As everyone knows, most goods are cheaper when you buy them in a larger quantity. But, that leaves the question: how much money can you actually save by buying wholesale Hemp products? Let’s take a look at some sources (selected more or less at random) to find out. 

General Price Figures For Delta-8 Flower

Delta-8 flowers are Hemp flowers that have been specifically bred for higher Delta-8 content. Under natural circumstances, the Cannabis plant contains less than 1% of this stuff. Because it is a niche product, no one should be surprised that it costs a little more. So, how much does it normally cost? Here are three sources.

Upon doing an internet search, this was the first result. This site offers both flowers and extracts, but we are looking for an average example. Like most of their Delta-8 flower, this stuff costs $10.00 for 1.5 grams. To be honest, that’s almost as much as people pay on the street for high-end Delta-9 Cannabis! That’s too much, especially for a regular Delta-8 smoker. 

So, how much does the price go down if we buy a larger amount? From this same source, we can get an ounce (28 grams) for about $100.00. Now that we have some figures, we can compare the price-per-gram. The first deal (1.5 grams for $10.00) results in the buyer paying about $6.66 per gram (Make your own jokes here). With the larger deal (28 grams for $100.00), we only pay about $3.57 per gram. That equals a cost savings of roughly $3.09 per gram purchased.

This isn’t bad, but we need to find an actual wholesale price that is labeled as such (as opposed to a simple bulk discount). Naturally, it didn’t take long to find such a deal. This site offers Delta-8 flowers by the pound, and it’s about $600 per pound. 600 divided by 16 (number of ounces in a pound) means that you are only paying about $37.50 per ounce! In case you’re wondering, that comes out to roughly $1.30 per gram. This is a huge cost reduction indeed! This particular site reduces the price per pound by another $100 if you buy ten pounds at once. 

General Price Figures For Delta-8 Extracts

Delta-8 extracts have several advantages over flowers, most of which come from their longer shelf life and enhanced potency. Extracts are definitely going to give you the strongest buzz, so those who want to maximize the mental benefits would do well to consider Delta-8 oils, distillates, and isolates. But, how much more will you have to pay for that enhanced purity? Let’s see if we can figure it out.

Let’s start by looking at this website, which was selected at random. This company sells at wholesale, but they do not give wholesale prices on their website (instead, you are supposed to call a number to find these prices). However, we can still examine the bulk discount. These people sell 10 grams of distillate for $70.00, which comes out to $7.00 per gram. To be honest, that’s only a little more expensive than the first bunch of flowers we examined. 

If we get 100 grams of distillate from this company, the price is $475.00, which comes out to 4.75 per gram. That’s much better, but we need some prices for other types of extracts as well. This wholesaler’s website offers tinctures (alcohol-based extracts) of Delta-8 for wholesale. The cost of four bottles (30 ml each) is $72.00, which comes out to about four ounces of liquid. Thus, you are paying about $18.00 per ounce of fluid. This is a little higher, but tinctures usually do cost a bit more. This is one of the most concentrated forms of Delta-8, so a single drop is usually enough for one dose. 


We should mention that we are not endorsing any of these Hemp sellers in any way. These examples were selected at random from our search results so that you could get a fair cross-section of the Delta-8 market. As you can see, prices vary wildly from one source to another. It is also kind of problematic to see that many companies won’t let you see the wholesale prices until you sign up for some kind of program. Despite such hassles, buying wholesale really does give you a better deal, and we think we have shown you that fact quite clearly. 

Image by NickyPe from Pixabay 

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