How Grega Gostincar Introduced Nootropics To Millions Of People

We recently did a short interview with Grega Gostincar, the founder of Your Inception and one of the most recognized and popular researchers of nootropics and supplements.

With tens of thousands of followers, he is currently the no.1 voice for people searching to buy high-quality nootropic supplements.

Are you wondering what nootropics are? They are natural or synthetic compounds that can improve your cognitive performance, mainly focus, attention, memory, and thinking speed. Additionally, nootropics can slow down cognitive decline, decrease stress and anxiety, and boost your immune system.

According to Grega, some of the most popular natural nootropics on the market are Rhodiola Rosea, Bacopa Monnieri, Lion’s Mane mushroom, Ashwagandha, and Ginseng.

So, who exactly is Grega, and why is he important for the nootropic industry?

Who Is Grega Gostincar?

Grega Gostincar is a nootropic researcher with years of experience in this industry. With an MSc degree and multiple certificates from biohacking studies, nutrition, supplements, and nutraceuticals, he is undoubtedly an expert that knows nootropics from the scientific and personal perspective.

He is the founder of Your Inception, one of the most recognized and trustworthy platforms about nootropics, where you can find everything you need to know about those cognitive enhancers. Based on the publicly available data, he has over 100,000 monthly followers. This makes him one of the most influential people in this industry.

Working with and promoting high-end brands such as Mind Lab Pro, STAQ Performance & Onnit, there is no doubt he has a considerable influence.

How Grega Influenced The Industry

Grega’s popularity started growing in 2015 when he reviewed some of the most popular nootropic supplements. He was one of the first individuals who used cognitive tests for testing the efficacy of supplements. He also decided to share all his findings with the public, including results from the products that didn’t perform well.

“It was quite risky doing that. I really wanted to publish objective data, but I knew there would be people who would get mad. And that’s exactly what happened…”

Doing that caused him lots of trouble. Many companies wanted to shut him down since his objective and honest feedback caused them issues. They started pressing on him, attacking him, and spamming him on different forums. They even set up fake sites with his domain name to portray him as a scam.

“Yeah, they even bought a domain with my name in it. I was shocked at first, but then I said to myself that well, I’m doing something good. Otherwise, they wouldn’t spent so much time trying to destroy me with fake information.”

But that didn’t stop Grega. Just the contrary, he continued doing the reviews, optimizing the review process, and finally presented one of the most complex and advanced review systems for evaluating nootropic supplements.

Since he was only promoting high-quality brands (and products), his audience started growing, and he quickly got lots of fans.

Eventually, attacks on Grega became less and less effective. His comment on one of his social media channels says enough: “Cmon guys, stop attacking me and rather make your supplements better. That’s your only responsibility!”

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What’s Grega Working On Right Now?

Our last question to Grega was about his plans:

“That’s a good question”, Grega replied. “My team and I work hard on making Your Inception even more recognizable. Also, we’re developing some more advanced tests & surveys so we’ll be able to help people even more. It’s really challenging but exciting!”

We cannot wait to see what’s coming up next.

If you want to learn more about Grega, check his website here.

Featured Image Credit: Your Inception Website