How do you improve a player’s experience at an online casino?

Whether it’s finding an exciting job, a convenient music service or a great shop nearby, there are always plenty of options. In today’s world, among all the factors that influence our decisions, it is not only quality or price that becomes key, but also the experience a customer gets when interacting with a product. When buying something, we are not paying for just a service, but online casino experience, for example, we are paying not only for excitement and possible winnings, but also for the unique moments of entertainment that it can provide at a convenient time for us.

The iGaming industry is expanding, the number of casinos and betting shops is growing. Attracting the customer’s attention and then retaining it is the main goal of the business. The market is so oversaturated that right now almost every single successful casino offers high quality games. Does this mean that players don’t just come for the games? Exactly. The customer comes back for the sensation and positive gambling experience that the operator gives them in and out of the game.

What is a “Player experience”?

If we skip the formal definitions and get to the heart of the concept, player experience is the journey a player takes when interacting with a casino. In this case, every menu item, banner or harmoniously adapted image matters.

Almost every detail of the platform either attracts the bettor and increases the casino’s KPIs or spoils the impression of the product, it’s important to realise this. With this approach, it becomes obvious that there are no unimportant details. Market leaders now keep their focus on providing players with a decent service every day and building audience loyalty.

Why engage in improving the player experience?

In fact, two-thirds of operating companies now compete on the basis of customer experience. The iGaming sector is no exception here. Statistics show that operators who prioritise the motivation of their players will generate more revenue and a more loyal audience.

Three reasons to improve the player experience

  • A new player has a better chance of staying on the platform

What this means for the casino: Increased conversion of newcomers into loyal and reliable players. It is true that the link between active audience and operator revenue is direct, but in the long run, emphasising on profit alone is a losing strategy. Developing relationships with players is a more profitable policy that ultimately leads to financial growth.

  • Extended bettor lifecycle

A successful operator gives the player everything that a person comes to the casino for, namely:

  • entertainment and relaxation;
  • emotions and adrenaline;
  • pleasure from the process.

In this case, the likelihood that the player will stay and not change casinos increases significantly. Operators who provide the audience with added value usually benefit from player loyalty and long term engagement with them.

  • Sustainable position in the market

Word of mouth is not new, but it is an effective marketing tool. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the effectiveness of traditional promotion channels is now declining. People trust people. This principle works for many spheres, and for gambling including.

Brand mentions bring the best conversion rate by far. Every company works hard to create positive associations with their name. This helps in increasing the number of valuable user recommendations.

Yes, there are basic things in the here and now that have a significant impact on loyalty. For example:

  • Availability of demo mode;
  • speed of page loading;
  • fast registration;
  • the player’s luck at a given moment in time.

When such elements of a player’s experience are not backed up by anything else, motivation drops quickly.

Ideal strategies combine short-term and long-term factors. It is impossible to have a reputation as a responsive operator if, for example, casino support relies only on scripts or makes the player wait too long for a response. One bonus will not make a player loyal, but a clear bonus system with different types of rewards will definitely add excitement to the bettor.

Those who take advantage of all available methods to increase player loyalty win. It may not be easy, but the result – a loyal audience and an impeccable reputation – is worth it.

Growth points to increase player engagement

How do you keep players coming back to the casino? What is important to the bettors themselves? When and how does true loyalty begin?

We will answer these questions below. Let’s take a look at the “little things” that help Red Dog customers stand out and build their reputation in the market.

Quick registration, autofill

Why it’s important. This is an indicator that the operator values the time of its players. Customers find it convenient if the registration form has no more than three fields to fill in. A long form has a significantly lower conversion rate. Those who operate under a Curacao licence can please their players with a quick registration – do not miss this opportunity. It is important to clarify that all other data that will be needed for active gambling will still have to be provided, just later.

Lifehack: Malta requires all data at once, there is no option with a shortened initial registration. This nuance is smoothed by correct communication. The operator can build an emotional connection with the player and show why the bettor needs it. If the casino decides to explain that the data is necessary for the safety of identity and funds, the operator receives gratitude instead of irritation. Players appreciate security.

Variety of games

Why is this important? In short, it increases audience engagement. With 100 games available, an operator can attract players with specific interests and geolocation. With a catalogue 100 times larger, the casino can cater to a larger market share. This allows the most exciting games to be offered to players promptly, reinforcing the growing interest in the casino.

Lifehack: use sorting – it’s an important feature for operators and players alike. The experience of Red Dog platform customers confirms that sorting is useful in creating unique game tops for different regions. By making such offers, operators can target their players by categorising them by interests, geographical location and other attributes.

Demo mode

The significance of this cannot be overstated. It is a time-honored characteristic that has now become customary in the iGaming industry. The demo play function emulates an authentic gaming experience by utilizing virtual currency instead of the player’s actual funds. Consequently, any wagers, victories, or defeats incurred during this simulation hold no true consequences.

Contrarily to common belief, utilizing demo games is not archaic nor ineffective. In fact, our online platform demonstrates that the traditional approach of incorporating a demo mode can indeed cultivate a competitive edge, as long as casinos tackle the matter with a personalized approach. These demo games serve as a validated method to experiment with various concepts, thereby transforming mere spectators into devoted players.

Mobile adaptation

Why it’s important. Many players prefer full-length gaming sessions on PCs because it gives the feeling of being fully immersed in the game. Bettors who value independence from the computer choose to gamble via smartphone. A convenient mobile version of the casino will help the operator to reach the maximum part of the audience, without limiting its players in the choice of devices.